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Hi Councillors,

And here we are. Heroes 7 is now released into the wild and we hope you will enjoy it. We can’t wait to read your feedback!

The paint is still fresh and there are a couple of screws that need to be tightened here and there, but the ride should be smooth for everyone.

/!\ AN IMPORTANT REMINDER /!\ If you are a disc owner, please make sure to download the mandatory day-1 patch. We know it is a big one, but it is very important you install it. We promise, it is worth the effort.

The game overall is in great shape, but we still have some issues for you to note:

- Single Player:
  • A couple of load/save issues on a few specific campaign maps, with some events not triggering if you load an autosave file at a specific timing. Nothing major, usually you just need to reload a previous file to work around it
  • On the Yeshtar’s Promise scenario map, the final text box is not properly triggered after completing the map.
  • AI Shooters tend to use Defend instead of their melee weapons when a unit is close to them.
- Multiplayer
  • Some desync persists in Duel and Skirmish on combat map
  • Title might crash when the AI defeats one of the human players while he is allied with another human player
- 32 bit version:
  • This only applies to Windows 7 32 bits users. We have a last minute issue on this version that prevents us to release it alongside the 64 bits version. It will be released a bit later after launch. We apologize for this inconvenience. If that’s an issue for you and you need to reconsider you purchase, please contact support which will get you sorted.
- Windows 10:
  • As for Closed Beta 1 and 2, Windows 10 is not yet officially supported. It might work on your PC (it already runs great on our side with this OS), but we can’t guarantee this at the moment for everyone. It is at your own risk. We will work on the Windows 10 support during the post launch of the game.

The full list of the most important known issues is available here. Those will be addressed during post launch.

Once again, your feedback is super important. So please do report your issues and your bugs to our support team. They do forward those to us and our QC team. And of course, forums and the Shadow Council are a good place to report them as well.

Please remember we are committed to the long run for this game. Which means updates and free content will arrive over the next few months. We have already a first patch in the pipe-line that should reach you very soon ;)

Have fun Councillors, and see you on the battlefields of Ashan!
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