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Hello Councillors,

It been almost two days since the beginning of the beta and we would like to thank you all for the great amount of feedback we already received. The weekend is coming and we know that some of you were waiting for this opportunity to spend more time on the game.

Thus, we decided to create this new article to gather main information and links about this beta.

Please check this list first if you have any questions or concerns, you might find some of your answers :)

1. Keys/Game Activation

a) How to redeem my pre-order key

If you have any questions regarding the redeem process of your beta access, please refer to the following FAQ. For more information about key activation please check those links Activate a game on Steam / Activate a game on Uplay.

b) Can't find my game

There is no direct link to download the beta.
  • If you pre-ordered the game from Steam, the beta should available as a second entry in your game library. Activate a game on Steam
  • For all other retailers, you will need to download Uplay Launcher and be sure to login with the Uplay account you used to buy the game or redeem the code. Activate a game on Uplay.
It may happen that if the game is activated but is not available on your Uplay library you will have to reinstall Uplay launcher. If you have difficulties finding the game in your library please contact our customer support.

c) I have a question/issue about my key

If you have any concerns regarding your pre-order key and previous points were not able to help you, we recommend you to directly contact our Customer Support and explain them your situation.

2. Extra keys

a) I can't find my extra-key

If you haven't received your key or if you were unable to connect to the game on Wednesday, you can still claim this extra key at any time during the beta by contacting our Customer Support team.
Be sure to check the email associated with the Uplay account you used to pre-order the game. It might also end up in a spam/junk folder, so check there as well. For customers in NCSA, be on the lookout for an email with the subject line, [General] Compensation Key

b) How to redeem extra-key

  • If you  pre-ordered the game through Uplay, the key will need to be redeemed directly in the Uplay Launcher (not through this website). You can read our FAQ on how to do this, here: How Do I Register a New Game in Uplay?
  • If you  pre-ordered the game through Steam, the key will need to be redeemed in the Steam client. Information on how to do this is provided, here: Activating a Product on Steam.
If you still experience any issues with activating your extra Beta Key, please let us know by posting in our  Close Beta Help Forum or by Contacting Ubisoft Support.

3. Bug report

a) Where can I find known issue list?

We are tracking all the bugs we are receiving and will update on a regular basis this Known Issues list. Of course this one do not include all reported bugs at the moment but are the main ones we were able to identify. Please check this thread first, you might find precious information. If you are experiencing issues not included here, please refer to following point (b).

b) How to report bugs and issues?

(Don’t forget to check Known Issues thread first) If you want to share your feedback about the game or bugs, we recommend you to check this forum thread first for more details about our bug acknowledgment process.  This will help us to ensure that testers have all the necessary information to reproduce your issues and provide a potential workaround and fixes.

c) I need help with the beta (technical, how to etc.)

If you are experiencing issues with the beta we recommend you to join dedicated forum so our expert will be able to help you. Do not hesitate in the meantime to open a ticket on our Customer Support.

d) I'm unable to post on Beta forums or use Beta feedback form on the website

If you have access to the Beta but can’t access those forums or have no “report a bug” button on this page please contact our Customer Support for additional help.

4. Known Issues

Don’t forget to check Known Issues thread on a regular basis for more information and this topic for bug reporting advices.

Update of the list: June 5th 12pm GMT+1/CEST

Finally we want to remind you that this version is a Beta access and various elements of the game are not final. Indeed, we will definitively put the stress in the remaining few months on solving remaining bugs and balancing issues. We can understand that from some of you September can appear really close but we are on target and will continue to do our best. We hope that despite encountered bugs or performance issues you have a great gameplay experience with the game so far (despite some tweaks to come and balancing of course). :)

Thank you again for the great quality of your feedback, those are really helpful for our team and we will make sure to make a good use of them!

The M&M Team.

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Ubi-Nox  The Shadow Of Death June 05, 2015 14:48:12

As mentioned yesterday, there will also be another article today :) (not related to the beta). Thank you!

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