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Hello Councillors,

This end of the year is a particularly intense period for the Might & Magic Heroes VII team. Indeed, as you may have noticed, it seems that we still have work to do on the upcoming website update and our webdev team is doing their best to get it online in the best delays, while unforeseeable circumstances prevented us to do so. On an other topic (not related to the Academy update of the website), the game development team is busy achieving one of the biggest milestone of the project due in the next few weeks, which we hope to be able to celebrate with you early 2015. 

Due to this heavily electric schedule, we didn’t manage to provide as many content as we expected for this week and even if it is a disappointment on our side, we know that this is for the best of project. We hope the situation will recover balance in the following weeks but as you know, end of year period always are more complicated to handle (and we also need a bit of rest during the holidays ;)).

As Heroes’ fans ourselves we can understand the frustration of not having the daily dose of content and we really wish we could deliver it as well. To help you wait before discovering the complete 3D models and skills, we are pleased to offer you a first look at the Academy full line-up with this exclusive wallpaper. Whether you are a Haven or Academy fan, get ready to show your color on your desktop!

Ubi-Nox & Kimmundi

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