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Vote for your favourite faction for the upcoming Beta!


Councillors, cast your vote for your favourite faction now. Choose wisely, as the top 2 factions chosen by the Community will join Haven and Academy in the next Beta.

June’s Beta, some figures


What was the most played faction, the favourite spell etc. Discover some facts about MMH7 June’s Beta with a special infographic!

Sylvan Townscreen


Discover today the Townscreen of the Sylvan Faction in details!

Armies of the Silva, Part 3


It is now time to discuss the most powerful creatures defending the forest realm. These incredible beings are truly Irollan's champions.

Armies of the Silva, Part 2


As I can see you're eager to see more about the Elven armies, allow me to share with you what I know about their elite regiments...

Armies of the Silva, Part 1


Once again, I shall do my best to share some information on the soldiers and creatures forming the core of the armies of Irollan...

Live and let live... within the Harmony



Beta is now closed! Thank you all!


The time has now come and even if it is difficult to close this chapter, this is only the beginning of your journey with MMH7!