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Skills: Air Magic


Discover today a new skillwheel path with the Magic School of Air. 

Imani the Warchief


Discover today a new art from Might & Magic Heroes VII, featuring Stronghold Faction and their leader of the campaign mode: Imani.

Stronghold Magic Heroes


Discover today the Magic Heroes from Stronghold: Stormcaller, Shaman & Earth Shaper!

Stronghold Townscreen in Details


Discover today the Townscreen of the Orcs from the desert in details! 

Stronghold Might Heroes


Proud survivors of a long history of persecution, Stronghold Might Heroes are fierce warriors who will fight until the very end for their freedom.

Warcries Presentation


Today we will introduce you the Warcries system in Heroes VII! It seems that many of you had questions about it so we hope this article will help you better understand this mechanic.

The Skillwheel in MMH7


It is now time to learn more about M&M Heroes VII Skillwheel.

Ivan's Figurine


Today we have the great pleasure to share with you all the progress of this Council decision through insider photographs!