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Introduction to modding in MMH7!


Today we are glad to come back to the map editor to finally give you a first glimpse of the power and flexibility of our tools with an introduction of the Modding in MMH7!

MMH7 at Gamescom


This year again the M&M team will be present at Gamescom to showcase Might & Magic Heroes VII in Cologne (Germany)!

Skills: Bloodrage


Discover today Stronghold Faction Skill: Bloodrage!

The Griffin Dynasty, Part I


"Many among you have requested more information about the dynasty of Griffin, of which Ivan, our Duke and – if the Maiden of Fate smiles upon us – future Emperor, is the last offspring. "

A first look at the Map Editor


Discover today a first glimpse of MMH7 map editor with the presentation of the “default” mode by Julien Pirou, Lead Designer on the title.

The return of the Undeads


Several months ago this Council voted for the revamp of two emblematic units of the Necropolis faction: the Lich and the Vampire.

Tales of the Lotus Empire


"The time has come for me to tell you some information about Shalassa's children, the serpentine Nagas."

The Elven Ambassador: Lasir


"We have received word from Irollan stating that an ambassador is being sent to Ivan's court..."