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Patch 1.5 now available


We are pleased to announce to you the direct availability of Patch 1.5 for Might & Magic Heroes VII.

Upcoming Content


Discover MMH7 upcoming game content of Patch 1.5

[New Info] Patch 1.4.1 now available


We are releasing today an additional hotfix related to AI difficulty settings with patch 1.4.1.

Patch 1.4 now available


This patch provides this time again a great number of fixes for the game but we also were able to go further with additional game and performance improvements.

The Road Ahead


Discover a new status update from the team with exclusive insights about remaining challenges and postlaunch hot topics!

Patch 1.3.1 now available


Following the release of patch 1.3 on Tuesday 27th, we are releasing today a hotfix today with patch 1.3.1 Revision: 32834.

Patch 1.3 now available


Might & Magic Heroes VII patch 1.3 is now live on both Uplay and Steam.

Patch 1.3 announcement


As previously announced, the team is currently working on a 1.3 patch we hope to release next week.