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Limbic Entertainment – Introduction Part I


Discover today a bit more about Limbic Entertainment! 

Contest results - MMH7 Paris Fanday


Today we have the great pleasure (but also the difficult task) to announce the winners of our Paris Fanday contest!

Update on game development


Today we would like to share with you a small update on the game development.

Necropolis Update & important information


Website update and important information from the team. 

[Closed] Win an invitation for a special day


Participate to a special contest to join us for the first MMH7 fanday in Paris to discover the game and chat with the devs.

Battles in Heroes VII


This article is about what changes, novelties and current balancing tasks on Heroes VII’s battle system. You’ll find out the recipe is not really changed but we’re trying to make battles more interesting and varied.

Academy's Magic Heroes


For the Mages of Academy, Magic is simply a higher form of knowledge that must be developed through extensive study of arcane lore (mainly the teachings of Sar-Elam) and a rigorous discipline.

The map of ashan (853 YSD)


Many have you have expressed an interest to have a map of Ashan at hand to follow the story of the prequel articles, the Tales of the Ten Years War.