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Necropolis Vote Results


Even if today is the big day for the Stronghold faction, many of you were waiting for a confirmation of last week vote results!

Discover Stronghold


You have been eagerly waiting for it but now the time has come! The Stronghold update is now live!

The Return of the Beast



Upcoming website features


A website update is currently in the pipeline. Along with several improvements that will grant moderators better tools, we decided to add two new features to the user interface.

Vote for the Vampire design!


Pick your choice: The Vampire Knight, The Night Lady or The Blood Monster

Vote for the Lich design!


Pick your choice: The Priest of Death, The Undead Sorcerer or The Ancient Mummy

Academy’s Hall of Heroes


Today, we wanted to share with you the portraits, bios and specializations of some of the Academy Heroes you’ll be able to hire in the Hall of Heroes in skirmish or multiplayer maps. 

Album - Press/Fanday Event


Last week we had the great pleasure to give the opportunity to journalists and fans to play MMH7 for the first time! Discover today some photographs of those events!