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Trial by Fire: new release date


Might & Magic Heroes VII: Trial by Fire available on August 4th.

Keepers of the Flame


Fortress’ troops are gathering to join the fight in Might & Magic Heroes VII: Trial By Fire. Discover today the full line-up of the Dwarven armies!

Ingame Random Map Generator


Discover the upcoming update of MMH7 Random Map Generator, to be available directly in game!

Random Skill Revision


Learn more about MMH7 team work on Random Skill revised system.

Announcing Might & Magic Heroes VII: Trial by Fire


Tension is growing with the neighbouring Dwarven Kingdom of Grimheim. Get ready to face the fierce Dwarven warriors!

The Lost Tales of Axeoth: Every Dog Has His Day now available!


Join the epic quest of Dogwoggle, an unfamiliar hero willing to save the world of Axeoth from destruction.

Patch 1.8 Notes


Today, we are releasing Patch 1.8, which includes the second part of The Lost Tales of Axeoth: Every Dog Has His Day, (dedicated article to come)

Modding in Axeoth


Discover today a little guide to use the various content of the Lost Tales of Axeoth in your own maps thanks to MMH7 Map editor!

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