My take on MMH 7:

The biggest grudge I have against h7-system is that it retained basically all the problems h6 had.
-When I look at skills shown so far for example destiny has clear magic abilities and clear might abilities. So what do you do with magic hero? You go for magic abilities, surprise! Why is that a problem you ask? Well in h6 you would always take the same skills/abilities and in h7 it seems to be the exact same thing aside some meaningless novice skill. You will get clear optimized route to GM and if your class can get GM so far it would seem they are must-have so unless you play to lose you will go there.
-Class system restricts which skills you can develop which is very limiting IMO. The skill-system forces you to pick between 6 classes. If I liked spellschool x it dictates which team and faction I will play and what role I play(Do I really want economy hero? Or do I wanna play defensive hero just to get school I like...? Hell no!)
-Lack of variety. All the teams will have same abilities in the round skill-tree so you end up picking the same abilities in for example destiny, all that changes is if you got might or magic hero, but between factions it makes no difference. There should be unique faction-related abilities like in h5 to keep the system versatile and interesting instead of repetitive.
-No pre-requisites means there is absolutely no challenge to get any skills. It's same kind of cherry picking like in h6 essentially
-Within the skills you have to take novice-expert-master to get to GM which actually limits the abilities in bad way since for example in destiny might hero is forced to take magic ability at master instead of being able to take novice-expert-expert and then GM(of course this is more of problem with design of putting pure magic ability to master).
-Lack of ultimate that signifies you the culmination of your faction characteristic/faction skill or ability.
-Seems very boring like h6
+ The system is very noob friendly being so simple, just go for the GMs, use auto-skilling feature or check from internet the optimal build for hero x.
+ H6 fans will feel familiar with the system.

What I would change is ditch skills from classes and allow player to choose them. Classes would only determine how your stats grow with levels. The system was designed for cherry picking so there is no reason to limit how you can play this way. You should of course add some racial abilities to skills so each faction wouldn't feel the same and put requirements to them from various skills. Give each hero possibility to go for all Might OR magic GMs depending what the hero is and allow them single GM every 10 levels. Also remove level cap which is 30 currently. It was incredibly boring in h6 where you would reach level 30 at half-point of the match and battles became useless. There you at least might have had tears/blood to develop though usually that was maxed around same time too. Otherwise this will be basically just like h6 system with many of the the same flaws.

-I'm deeply disappointed that h7 went with h6 copy-paste system because h5-system was more work. I understand that h6 was very beginner friendly by being so easy and simple, but that was a big problem for me. At the very least hero should have it's own initiative to make player think about their actions instead of giving them complete freedom. In h6 it was so easy to do no-loss battles because of the free hero turn.
-Flanking actually encourages camping/defense and tight formations(especially since you can get stuff like 50% magic resistance from destiny if main skill). It also looks idiotic when units waltz around each other for back-stabs(this was problem in heroes online).
-Lack of different creature abilities. Some abilities just get way too recycled around (like piercing shot for haven, dungeon, academy and fire-elemental and it being the dominating trait)
-Lack of spell-book for creatures, having instead the activated abilities like in h6
+It's nice to see different size battle-maps with obstacles and map objects like in h6.
+Lack of abilities makes it easy for noobs to play since they can think of several units as essentially same unit with different stats.
+ Neurals have different units in battle together without modding so that's a welcome thing from heroes online.
+ H6 fans will feel right at home with the system

-Town-screens are highly illogical.
-TS look very cartoonish and not fitting rest of the graphical look of the game
-TS look like dead military forts rather than towns
- Town levels from h5 taken and modified to even more strict system which leads to optimization as to how to build the town. The system should have been developed to the opposite way to give leniency IMO.
+ For noobs it will be easy to check from internet an optimal build-order

Area of Control:
+/- Same as in h6 essentially. Only difference is that now you have to convert the fort instead of just stealing it like in h6.
- Feels very forcebly stuffed at player via hero abilities and specializations

Governor system:
-Should have all the AoC-effects in single skill. Now you have to get abilities from all over the skill-tree meaning you have to fight with non-combat hero (or get mentor if such ability exists)
+Nice addition from h4
Governor should be able to level by building buildings, collecting items/resources or capturing mines for example. Now it's just extra work IMO to go level the hero up.

-The line-ups don't feel very diverse as the unit types and tactics seem similar. Almost all factions have in core 2 melee + shooter and every faction has 2 melee + shooter in elite.
-Not enough diversity in unit abilities in general as said before which is even worse because there aren't many abilities per unit.
-All factions are balanced might&magic while I would I would have preferred factions having unique abilities based on if they are might or magic in skills. For example Stronghold should be pure might IMO, but I understand this is more friendly for new players and it would have meant more work for devs to make factions unique.
+Very friendly system for noobs as they can use same tactics over and over again regardless of faction.

-Recycled from h6 spells, abilities, boss-abilities and dynasties.
-Certain level 4 spell so not really different from h6, just changed so it costs resources + skillpoint instead of only skill-point.
-Not many spells per school, even less than in h6
-Because of town-building level limits when you can get magic guild level x magic may be even weaker hero-type than before as it loses the early advantage it always had.
-Nothing new really compared to h6
+Magic guilds are back
+H6 fans will feel familiar

+Caravans are back
+/- can upgrade war machines and forts, remains to be seen if they remain useful in long run
-No bosses
-Lousy hero specializations like in h6. Nobody wants to use some + x cabir on main hero so they are essentially just governors IMO.

- I'm very disappointed in this site. I don't feel like fans were heard at all here with the suggestions. Only times fans got heard were when fans basically raged or spammed and those time I don't count as listening to fans. I count them as marketing as it would be hard to sell game that the own fans detest and boycott so devs were essentially forced to act or lose lots of sales.
-The claim that all devs read the site, but no feedback gets heard and the devs never comment on anything.
-The important things like game-mechanics should have been revealed and discussed at start. I was asking about the skill-system since early times of the site with no reply. Recently it was still too early, then later/now they just keep getting revealed and it's too late to change now... Total BS in my mind.
-The site still isn't finished, which feels very unprofessional. It has been roughly 9-10 months since the site was put up, but naturally store for pre-orders they got up and working...
-Lack of moderation for really long time. Many kept asking for it with no replies and only when press-event in paris about the game was being held the moderation was given to the site. Coincidence? Hardly...
-The game seems to overall target new players, casual players and h6 fans. The game continued on the path set by h6 to simplify/casualize things which is the opposite I would have hoped after h6. For me strategy games should be about using your head, not about checking web for optimal build, but when you have limited choices in skills for might/magic that's what it comes down to. I really wish they had tried get some depth and complexity to the game.
- The game lacks lots of random elements that gave past games ton of replayability and excitment
-recycling of h6-models. With money/effort/time saved by this we should have gotten awesome complex deep game-play instead of the simpleton crap.
-Spiritual successor or stand-alone expansion to MMH6.(I kinda think of h7 the same way as colonization expansion was to civilization 4 making major changes, but it was still expansion for the game)
Ultimate HoMM-game for me would take/have from

Heroes Online:
-Mixed neutral stacks(very nice change to same monotonous battles of the past)(Implemented in h7)
-Possibility to have more than two players in single battle in team-matches

Heroes Kingdoms:
-Each consecutive magic guild increases casting power of it's main schools spells(could be changed at the expense of rare resources. Each faction would have three possible schools for this and changing would give you random pick of these three.)

MMH 6:
-Town-conversion(improved so it takes much more time and resources)
-Area control(Implemented in h7)
-Dynasty skills, pets and artifacts(not limited to just weapons)
-battle-map objects(like flag giving morale near, rocks giving cover)(Implemented in h7)
-Different size and type battle-maps(like bridges for example)(Implemented in h7)
-Possiblity for team-matches(without map editor)

HoMM 5:
-Dynamic battle-system
-Racials and race-themed towns(Implemented in h7)
-Artifact-sets with special boost to specific faction
-Hybrid hero-classes(no specific might or magic), but taken further so you can choose stats as you level up.
-Unique hero-specialities
-Caravans(Implemented in h7)
-War machines, but improved so they can be upgraded monthly to stay useful(Partially implemented in h7)
-Limited ammo for shooters
-Free range of abilities for creatures
-"Specialized" factions like Stronghold without magic
-Creature growth boosts
-Tavern & Thieves guild
-Building level-limitation, but more lenient and building requirements
-Alternative upgrades
-3d-towns and map(s)
-Random skills
-Memory mentor
-Classic resources
-Simultaneous turns(Implemented in h7)
-Adventure-map spells(Implemented in h7)
-Unique mounts

HoMM 4:
-Prison to capture enemy heroes
-Alternative units(Implemented in h7)
-Units effect adventure-map movement
-Unit abilities that take effect on adventure map like bandits ambushing
-Patrolling for neutral units(as optional)
-Neutrals with affinities to factions
-"Super"-monsters like mega-dragon
-Spells from combining spell-schools
-Spells that effect movement in and outside battles
-Some berserking units(which you cannot control even if in your army)HoMM 3:
-Shop to buy some basic artifacts and items from every town
-Possibility to effect heroes with spells(not allow them in battle-field, but haste/slow for example)
-Possibility to use several heroes taking slots from units and splitting the exp
-Governing skills(Implemented in h7)
-Tear of Asha and Obelisks with mosaic(Implemented in h7)
-Towns with different terrains
-School/university buildings

HoMM 3:
-Terrain effects in battle(like cursed grounds)
-Combination artifacts, but altered concept so it's not replacement for item-sets. I would put recipes so you can basically upgrade artifacts if you got other parts in similar fashion to h3, just not as limited.

New things:
-leveling for creatures so they can improve their stats slightly and gain new abilities(like in king arthur - the role-playing wargame)
-Different AI -types/personalities
-Diplomacy to allow real trading(not just sending resources)
-Auction house to sell your artifacts to highest bidder
-Fully random location for Tear of Asha
-Random events/quests on the map aside specific weeks
-Events(different kinds of boosts) and shops you can call to your town for fee and upkeep cost. Both also limited in quantity on the map.
For map movement, overcharge-ability to allow you to exceed your current max movement limit by 30% getting penalty of 20% each time ability is used to your basic max movement until you rest same amount of turns you used the ability.
-For multiplayer game-mode with quick-matches where there would be 2 sides, each with up to 3 players(so 3 vs 3). Big battle-map and each player would get set amount of points to make their army/heroes/skills.

As you can see from things I would hope from next HoMM-game my expectations are not really met so I probably will not be buying the game. If there is open beta or demo to actually test the game my mind might change. However currently given the info presented this game is not for me.

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