Najakir Der Kreegan
November 08, 2014 18:22:30

For me, the tree was good in H5 becaus of 3D, to turn around. In H7, I would see more the sanctuary.

Templegui Der Magische
November 08, 2014 18:24:19

Perfectly right.

Shinrin_Hitori Der Ritterliche
November 07, 2014 14:18:28

Never liked the H5 townscreen for Sylvan, so I vote for the Sanctum.
But whatever wins, I hope they implement a terrain specific townscreen, that we will not have summerplain towns, while on the map the town stands on snow...

November 07, 2014 15:39:17

I dont think so... H4 is a disaster. And it's odd when a big tree stand in the lava.

Quirloo Der Mysteriöse
November 07, 2014 09:01:03

I'll place my vote for The Forest Sanctum aswell. I loved the look from H5 but nostalgia is just that, nostalgia. Something new and fresh for Sylvan is very welcome as they make their return.

November 07, 2014 09:03:42

Maybe, but not something straight out of Lord of The Rings!

Tragal Der Zerstörer
November 07, 2014 09:07:56

Yeah and Tree from the Avatar xD

Quirloo Der Mysteriöse
November 07, 2014 09:10:24

Similarities are bound to be seen. Everyone has their own perspective and there is not many things that are original these days. Let's just hope for some amazing creativity no matter what the results turn out to be.

nazolob Der Ritterliche
November 07, 2014 09:11:16

A bush full of elves :))

nazolob Der Ritterliche
November 07, 2014 09:11:45

that would be new

November 07, 2014 09:13:59

Avatar is SI-FI. Right? Well, it was the one time, i watched it back in the day. I wont validate those paper-thin comparisons.

I'm not saying, that the tree is originality itself. But, at least, it is an established lore element. Not to mention - AN ACTUAL CITY - and not some temple. I will leave those to Sanctuary.

Tragal Der Zerstörer
November 07, 2014 09:16:29

You know that what u see on these pictures wont be whole city right ? Its just one building, i asume capitol.

November 07, 2014 09:24:37

Tragal it is town screen. Not one building. All buildings will be placed on this screen. And in case of the TREE it will look like new year tree with toys on it's branches, as it seems.

Heroes360X Der Mächtige
November 07, 2014 09:47:24

"General setting" guys, not one building nor the whole town ;)

ahedgpe Der Getreue
November 06, 2014 18:05:01

I just want to say this to everyone, even if you are not doing it. Stop being so rude and mean to the people at Ubisoft. They are putting their time and money into this game. So please show them some respect.

SlumbrousShip5 Der Erboste
November 06, 2014 18:07:38

They're getting paid for one. And two, they just want out money.

Anemesis Der Plünderer
November 06, 2014 18:23:22

The devs of HoMM VII are offering the community input to the game. If they 'just wanted our money' they wouldn't offer us any input at all.

sjesiak Der Zerstörer
November 06, 2014 18:29:12

Slum you have to remember that devs are players like us. Bunch of ppl many of them in their 20ties and 30ties. Together we are forming fanbase of heroes games. Just because they are being paid for doesn't mean that all they care is how much they can earn. Personally I am honored that fellow heroes players lucky enough to work on the next iteration of our beloved game reach out to us common bread eaters and allow us to tag along and participate in this great adventure that making heroes game is.

sjesiak Der Zerstörer
November 06, 2014 18:29:59

Thank you devs for this opportunity. It's an honor

November 07, 2014 18:47:31

Interesting vote!

Both are nice, but I'm thinking Forest Sanctum, since the Tree Island was done before in "Heroes 5", and haven't the town screens been different for each faction in each of the games to date? That said, I like Kobaltmaster's idea of marrying them both together, though! :-D

Kobaltmaster Der Beschützer
November 07, 2014 19:00:52

Thank you for "redistributing" that idea, but it's not just mine. Some fans happen to agree on that concept. I am glad you too are one of them ^_^

Pawek1308 Der Uralte
November 09, 2014 21:56:02

Dear devs, I have a question - will towns have their descriptions and specializations like in Heroes V?

November 09, 2014 14:17:39

Meanwhile in the tavern of sylvan faction of shadow council.

Kaanzakin Der Wanderer
November 09, 2014 15:30:03

Lol +1 from me :D

EnergyW Der Hacker
November 09, 2014 17:06:34

How do you even find stuff like that...?

November 10, 2014 10:17:01

Just sitting in shadow council and thinking should we summon great phoenixes or cut funds a little and summon graceful unicorns.

Articun Der Wanderer
November 08, 2014 20:25:36

I love them both. And truthfully i like tree a lot. But i voted Sanctum, because i wanna see something different and also because in my opinion it fits better with the chosen lineup :)
Though seeing the full picture of both artworks would be awesome

denisa016 Der Wahnsinnige
November 08, 2014 21:38:04

I wanna see how a human castle looks in green?

Articun Der Wanderer
November 08, 2014 22:38:12

I want to see the full picture period. If seeing a green fortress is what i get, i will vote accordingly. Right now both seem interesting and if they can be jointed into one as someone suggested it would be much much better. But with a small fraction of the image, i can vote only subjectively. Now, you say all have a fortress. Haven has a town, Orcs will have desert pavillions, Wizards will have flying buildings and Delves a cave... Necro probably ziggurat so.... not many fortresses

November 08, 2014 16:59:05

Aw, C'mon people, not the tree again...
BTW, I'm not maligning the art, it is beautiful. I just find the concept of Tree centric fort trite.

November 08, 2014 13:02:55

You think that, in a giant FOREST, every f***ing city can be built on a giant tree standing in a island in the middle of a big lake? In adittion that its impossible to find so many lakes, That is the best way to shout the enemies: "hey guys, our cities are so easy to find. you only have to search for a lake in a map. c'mon, come to burn our cities!". Anyway, I see that you are a lost case. I gave up

November 08, 2014 16:53:25

I would agreed but look at the alternative - this building is rising above trees instead of been hidden by it. That is as stupid but less beautiful. I would prefer a city among thousands of trees in the center of the forest - that is something truly new and with lighting could be really astonishing

DarMior Der Wanderer
November 07, 2014 11:40:14

Remember, screens towns now are not in 3D. And the giant tree will drastically differ in this respect from Heroes 5.

Thranduilll Der Mysteriöse
November 07, 2014 00:41:39

Dear Developers,

please make Emerald Knights as heroes!

I really love your work with Sylvan faction :-)!

Najara_ Der Plünderer
November 06, 2014 21:52:45

please make townscreens more realistic (as in H3), and not as cartoony as we saw in the beta (and in heroes 6 after several patches)

denisa016 Der Wahnsinnige
November 06, 2014 21:57:00

H6, 2D towns were good! Its the old 3D weird ones that were garbage!

w1842nite Der Kreegan
November 06, 2014 21:58:29

i wander where did you see realistic towns in H3, they were good in those times but today we want smth due to the modern technology in comuter graphics.

November 06, 2014 22:05:07

Doesn't help with more advanced computer graphics when artists make townscreens bland and blah (like h6). Say yes to distinctive townscreens with personality! (townscreen from h7 haven looks a bit bland, but on the right track I'm)

November 06, 2014 19:46:22

The forest sanctum reminds me of Heroes 1-4 setting. I liked the idea of an idyllic, but majestic, community hidden in the woods. In H5 - Did all towns just happen to have this humongous tree?

It was a beautiful design in H5 though, it was uniqie, but it really just makes more sense to me, that a town should look like a camp/fort/settlement than a core non-replaceable environment!

The environment in the other HOMM had a vast area that seemed like it could be expanded upon! This tree can't!

Alalaika Der Getreue
November 10, 2014 10:25:12

Victory ! Now let's Malassa win, and it will be a nice week !

November 09, 2014 08:11:38

Can we vote on haven townscreen? The one we saw was pretty underwhelming and should be scrapped.

Also realism is important: the less cartoony the better. (These two sylvan design inspirations are very nice).

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