July 27, 2015 21:49:26

czard has very cool look

July 27, 2015 21:48:04

i very like inferno plis choose inferno ;)

Krarzek Der Ritterliche
July 20, 2015 20:16:19

comment for achivment sry for spam

Najakir Der Kreegan
January 08, 2015 10:16:16

My inferno line-up :


Stryge : small flying damage dealer
upgrade : howling stryge, 20% chance to fear the enemy

Orthros : great, fast damage dealer, hit two enemy per strike
upgrade : cerberus, hit three enemy per strike

Main core :

Succubus : small range saboteur with no retaliation
upgrade : succubus mistress, can control enemy unit once per fight

Najakir Der Kreegan
January 08, 2015 10:17:00


Demon cultist : small range saboteur. Attack by summoning imps (imp are small demons, strike enemy when they appear, no retaliation, die if they recieve damage)
upgrade : demon summoner, absorbe enemy mana

chaos warrior : great tank with magic resistance
upgrade : chaos lord, adjacent enemy unit cannot attack other unit than chaos lord

main elit
efrit : small fast flying damage dealer, fire immunity, sensible to water
upgrade : greater efrit, deal fire damage to every adjacent enemy unit

Najakir Der Kreegan
January 08, 2015 10:17:15

champion :

Pit fiend : great flying damage dealer, deal additionnal damage in proportionnally to the amount of creature in the enemy stack
upgrade : pit lord, summon berzerk ability on creatures, making them attacking the closest target (ally or enemy) with attack bonus and defens malus.

Balrog : great tank, immune to fire
upgrade : gothmog, can grab and entangle an enemy unit

Najakir Der Kreegan
January 08, 2015 10:21:59

The goal is to desorganizing enemy army and deal high damage.
Stryge are small flying demoness.
Orthros are two headed dogs, that can be upgrade in cerberus by adding a head.
Succubus, you know ;-)
Demon cultist are people of Ashan corrupted and turn into demons (like succubus). They summon imp. Imp are easy to destroy (only 1 damage to destroy the stack), but if the enemy doesn't care, he will be submerge.

Najakir Der Kreegan
January 08, 2015 10:26:43

Chaos warriors are inspire from the armored demon on the artwork of this topic. They are very hard to kill and protect small and fragil unit like succubus and cultist.
Efrit, are classical fire spirit corrupted by Urgash at the beginning of Ashan's history. They deal heavy damage to every close units, forcing the enemy to spread.
Pit fiend fight aginst great army of small units.
Balrog are sort of corrupted black dragons than can force an enemy to fight them.

MumuWarrior12 Der Wanderer
December 10, 2014 22:04:17

Here is my Inferno Lineup:
Maniac/Demented (walking/meele) (Twisted Mind, Maniac Laughter)
Succubus/Lilim (flying/Range) (Ignite, Enthrall)
Hell Hound/Cerberus (walking/meele) (Unlimited Retaliation, Eye of Gluttony, Voracious)

Hellspawn/Helleater (flying/meele) (Mana Leech, Reproduction, Infernal Bite)
Tormentor/Lacerator (walking/meele) (Dead Flesh, Taste of Pain, Chaotic Charge)
Juggernaut/Ravager (walking/meele) (Organic Armor, Taunting Presence, Unstoppable Charge)

MumuWarrior12 Der Wanderer
December 10, 2014 22:04:45

Pit Fiend/Pit Lord (teleporting/meele) (Hateful Retaliation, Blade of Hatred, Blinded by Rage, Boundless Hate)
Arch Demon/Arch Demon Lord (flying/meele) (Raging Ignite, Chaos Aura, Chaos Blade, Chaotic Gates)

MumuWarrior12 Der Wanderer
December 10, 2014 22:05:15

Creatures affected by "Ignite" cannot be healed and suffer ?? damage for the 3 turns.
Succubus/Lilim causes creatures to Ignite when attacking them.
Arch Demon/Arch Demon Lord causes all nearly enemy creatures to Ignite.
Reproduction works similar to Proliferation.
Infernal Bite causes negative effects.

MumuWarrior12 Der Wanderer
December 10, 2014 22:05:27

Chaotic Charge increases Lacerator Movement and Attack/Damage.
Chaos Aura causes gated demons to be more lucky, fast and powerful.
Chaos Blade allows Arch Demon/Arch Demon Lord to attack stronger also damaging creatures affected by "Ignite".
Chaotic Gates allows Arch Demon Lord to instantly gate one of friendly creatures on the battlefield except itself.

December 10, 2014 22:14:49

Great concept for the Inferno faction! I liked the ignite effect. And I think that both Juggernaut and Ravager should also have this ability. :)

MumuWarrior12 Der Wanderer
December 10, 2014 22:17:40

I am glad that you liked it. And yeah, you are right. Juggernaut and Ravager also need to Ignite their enemies. :)

December 10, 2014 22:27:36

You can also make the ignite effect to be unaffected by spells like healing, regeneration, purity, dispel etc. It can be treated as the semi-permanent status until it is fully dissipated on its own.

MumuWarrior12 Der Wanderer
December 10, 2014 22:35:15

Yeah, I thought it would be a semi-permanent status. But I thought that creatures affected by "Ignite" still will be ably to regenerate.

LightAvatarX Der Unberührbare
December 01, 2014 20:24:48

Kaspar you need a face cream!!!!!!!!!!!

November 27, 2014 16:00:14

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO заброшу игру пока не выйдет длс с демонами

November 08, 2014 02:24:20

Use the creatures from Heroes V for inferno!!! they where legendary!!!

November 03, 2014 10:40:56

Буду ждать DLC , с демонами. Демоны это стандарт , лучше бы они были сразу без голосования.

October 20, 2014 20:44:47

ladies and gentlemen of the council here me out why would we have two elvan factions I fear that such a lack luster approach is simply unacceptable the more factions the better but we need diversity and balance fire needs water order needs chaos brethren of the council the time to choose is now .........INFERNO!!!!!!!!!

Nomdiablo Der Zerstörer
October 17, 2014 14:40:05

why a duel between dungeon and inferno. why they don't make a duel between inferno vs. stronghold or dungeon vs. stronghold. there are big fan bases on each side, who will not buy the game if their side don't wins.
this is a cut in your own flesh UBI!!!

Sylv4n2005 Der Zerstörer
October 19, 2014 02:05:51

Idd, friend. This should've been between Inferno and Stronghold or Fortress. TBH, Academy, Haven, Necropolis, Dungeon and Inferno should be in by default. Votes should be on Fortress, Stronghold and Sanctuary.

Sylv4n2005 Der Zerstörer
October 19, 2014 02:06:25

Oh, and Sylvan. Forgot, they're another core faction, IMO.

GalaadleHaut Der Held
October 17, 2014 00:56:13

Minotaur & Succubus confirmed !
Минотавр и Суккуб подтвердил !

bjarked Der Ratgeber
October 16, 2014 10:23:46


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October 15, 2014 08:08:38

On a completely unrelated note, why do comments allow so few characters?!

EnergyW Der Hacker
October 19, 2014 02:08:31

Coding restrictions, I guess. Or maybe an anti-spam protection.

October 15, 2014 08:06:53

Hmm... I voted for dungeon, but the more I look at this, the more interesting Inferno seems to be. What role exactly is the faction that wins going to have in the game? Are we going to get to play as them or are we just going to hear about them? I like playing as Dungeon but it doesn't seem like their story will have anything new. On the other hand, I really, really hate playing as Inferno, but it would be very interesting to hear about the demons in a context that doesn't

October 15, 2014 08:07:31

involve the Blood Moon. Demons have been pretty one-sided so far, though admittedly that has worked well enough. But it would be interesting to hear about what the demons do during all of the time that they are trapped in Sheogh. With how they are, they wouldn't just be content to sit and wait. They would most likely start slaughtering each other

October 15, 2014 08:07:44

out of boredom and lack of things to kill. This update mentioned power struggles. Those would happen between demons a lot, right? And they would be quite interesting to hear about, depending on which ones they were.

October 15, 2014 05:38:50

The dungeon campain has been along very litle in the gameseries, therefore I voted for it.

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