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Hello Councilors,

Today we will introduce you the Warcries system in Heroes VII! It seems that many of you had questions about it so we hope this article will help you better understand this mechanic.

General mechanic

Warcries are the counterpart to spells for Might Heroes (and they have the exclusivity for using them). Each skill rank (novice, expert, master) unlocks new Warcries, and abilities improve their efficiency.

Warcries appear in the “spell book” during combats, for practical reasons, but using them does not require any mana.

The objective of Warcries is to provide bonuses to the army of the user during the current turn. Of course, they are consuming the Hero’s action of the turn. That’s why they’re better used early in the turn, to support the player’s strategy.

Only one Warcry can be activate at the same time, if a new one is used, it will directly replace former one.  

List of warcries

Might Heroes will be able to use 5 types of Warcries to develop the strength of their armies. Each of them focusing on a particular aspect of your army strategy.

Skillwheel progression:

As for magic skills, you will need to improve your warcries skill in the Skillwheel to be able use more of them and to grant them additional bonus effects. Skill effects are cumulative.

Having powerful spells only is one strategy to access to the victory but Might Heroes do know that their true strength is in the battlefield. A good use of Warcries will allow you to boost required characteristics in any adequate situation.
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