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Towns are the heart of a hero’s kingdom. They are shaped to serve his ambitions and his needs.

Each faction has its own town structure. Many buildings are common to all factions, but some are specific. Also, as all factions have different approach of architecture, culture and urbanism, therefore towns have a different structure depending on their faction.

For instance, Academy towns have access to Magic Guilds earlier, and can develop specific buildings to improve their Magic Guilds.

Haven towns have fast access to the strongest possible walls. Stronghold towns offer dwellings before more elaborate buildings.

Prices also differ according to each faction, especially since the most elaborate buildings require rare resources, which create different needs in resources for each faction. For instance, Sylvan towns require more starsilver than most, when Stronghold rley a lot on wood.


The development chart of a town is similar to that of Heroes V, since it adds a global “town level” requirement for building new content in addition to classic resource needs and building dependencies. For instance, to build a level 2 Magic Guild, you may not only need a level 1 Magic Guild and the necessary resources, but also to lift your town to global level 12, unlocking new buildings.

Many times when developing a town, the player needs to make choices between two possible buildings. Those choices are important. Maybe you’ll need to focus on growing more troops, maybe you’ll need to mine more resources.

Make the right choice at the right time. If you pass on one type of building, you may build it in your next town, or maybe you’ll find one during your conquests!

Developing your towns is crucial in Heroes VII. Through the choices you make, the priorities of building order, you can support your overall strategy, as well as your heroes. Those choices impact troops quantity and quality, your town’s defense, your economy’s performance, your spell knowledge, and many buildings also support your hero in battle.


A classic rule of Heroes games is that each player can only upgrade one of his towns to capital, making it the biggest of his kingdom and that with the largest income. This is also true in Heroes VII.


Towns in heroes VII cannot be converted to other factions. If they don’t fit with your faction, you’ll have to manage the benefits of owning an additional town and deal with the complications of multi-faction play, which, we believe, is an interesting part of the game.

Other features make possible and interesting, under certain conditions, to play multiple factions at the same time in Heroes VII. It’s sometimes a necessity to fully exploit the wealth and power of a map… but that’s another story to be told!

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