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Hello again, friends.

Jorgen – sorry, I should probably keep calling him « Spy Master » – has asked me to tell you more about the military forces of the Silver Cities. Well, back in my day, they were still called the Seven Cities, but I think what I remember still applies.

Let’s start with the troops that make the “core” of the Wizard armies…


Did you know the correct plural of Cabir is actually Cabeiri? Nobody uses it anymore. Students nowadays call them “Gremlins”, like the creatures mentioned in the old Unicorn Duchy folktale. Like the Gremlins of the legend, Cabirs have a tendency to cause accidents, although it’s more because of their clumsiness than any ill-intent.

Cabir Master

Cabirs are also a common sight in Dwarven forges. Dwarves treat them with more respect than Wizards, though, as they consider Cabirs to be related to their Dragon-God, Arkath. Most Wizards would call it preposterous superstition, but it does explain the Cabirs’ reptilian appearance...


Animating a construct is no small feat. Animating a flying construct is an extraordinary achievement. Gargoyles might look clumsy, but their mere existence fills my mind with wonder.

Obsidian Gargoyle

According to House Materia’s legends, the great Wizard Masfar created the first Gargoyle. Some say he had created it to host his deceased daughter’s spirit, but the end result only had the illusion of life...


Like Titans, the present-day Golems were inspired by ancient Shantiri constructs. When that ancient civilization collapsed, so much was forgotten...

Sandstone Golem

Since the Purge of the Necromancers, the manufacture of Golem and other Constructs allowed the small House Materia of Al-Imral to become one of the most influent factions of the Silver Cities.

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