The Next Tales 05/06/2015 | 889 kommentare

Well met, friends.

Now that I’ve reached the end of my Tales of the Ten Years War, I’d like to ask you, esteemed members of the Shadow Council, what story you’d like me to recount next?

Please tell me what tales would be interesting for you to hear, and don’t hesitate to add your support to the suggestions of the other councilors if you find them relevant.

The most popular and interesting suggestions will be my next tales – as long as it is in my power to tell them, of course.

Stained Glass
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Ubi-Nox  Der Schatten des Todes May 06, 2015 17:05:06

The Spymaster is back on duty in the Shadow Council! Share your ideas of lore articles you would like us to publish (events, specific characters history etc.) and do not hesitate to up-votes your favorite suggestions!

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