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Hello Councillors,

Proud survivors of a long history of persecution, Stronghold Might Heroes are fierce warriors who will fight until the very end for their freedom.

Discover today the Might Heroes from Stronghold:
  • Warmonger,
  • Barbarian,
  • Chieftain.
Faction Skill:
  • Bloodrage: with or without Demon blood, all Stronghold troops seem to share the Orcs’ fighting spirit. Their eagerness for battle makes them incredibly fast and powerful at the start of a battle. 


Warmongers crave only for battle and blood. Their training, their daily thoughts are turned towards the battlefield. They lead their troops with speed and strength, and are probably the deadliest heroes on Ashan when leading a scarce group of badly equipped warriors.

Main skills: Bloodrage, Warcries, Offense


Barbarians are typical orc heroes, even if some of them are of other races. Their skills are well balanced, although they are mostly battle leaders, relying maybe more on luck that their fellow warmongers and chieftains.

Main skills: Bloodrage, Warcries, Warfare


Chieftains are spirited leaders, often chosen as generals during travels and as rulers when building a new settlement. Their ability to negotiate rather than kill is a rare quality amongst their people, and even if often underestimated, one that has revealed to be critical in their History.

Main skills: Bloodrage, Warfare, Defense
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