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Hello Councillors,

Discover today the last remaining 3 skills of MMH7 you will be able to discover in the upcoming Beta: Light & Water Magic Schools and Academy’s Faction skill Metamagic!

In the meantime, our team continue to work on the bug fixes and we will get back to you next week for more information. Stay tuned!

Light Magic

Light Magic comes from Elrath and is linked to ideals of Truth, Justice, and Perfection. Light shines on the virtuous but blinds and burns the impious. It can heal its servants, and even bring them back to life, protect them against various kinds of curses, and pierce through illusions and stealth.



Water Magic

Water Magic comes from Shalassa and is linked to its various aspects (oceans, lakes, brooks, springs, rain, mist, steam, snow, ice, blood and tears…) but also to the emotions, the intuition, the creativity and empathy. Water magic renders the body and the mind as malleable as a liquid. It can conjure dream visions, trigger violent emotions, but can also drown armies of enemies in tidal waves, or freeze them to death in raging blizzards.




Metamagic is Academy's Faction Skill, as always all skill effects are cumulative.
"The wizards’ mastery of magic allows them to trigger synergies between spells to unleash even more power and destruction on the battlefield."

Reaching Novice level of Metamagic enable the use of Magic Synergy effect:
  • Novice - Casting a single target hero spell on a creature under a magic effect triggers Magic Synergy:
    • Increase the duration of positive effects on friendly creatures and the duration of negative effects on enemy creatures by 1.
  • Expert - Magic Synergy increases the duration of magic effects by 1
  • Master - Magic Synergy increases the duration of magic effects by 1.

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Ubi-Nox  Der Schatten des Todes June 01, 2015 20:20:52

Hello Councillors, the team has worked all over the weekend and made some great progress on the beta build. We unfortunately can’t announce anything at the moment but we will come back to you tomorrow with more information :) Sorry again for the wait, stay tuned!

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