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Hello Councillors,

Today let’s discover not one but two Magic Schools with the presentation of Earth Magic & Dark Magic!

Please note that in the following graphic X might not represent a single number and can be in various cases results of different bonuses or calculations (for instance it can be: X=Damages of the spell from Hero expertise level * Magic value)

Balancing will be handled until the very end of the development and names/icons can be subject to changes.

Earth Magic

Earth Magic comes from Sylanna and governs the mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms, involving stone, dust, soil, wood and flesh, but also the feral instincts and the five senses. It is the path that leads to perfect harmony with Nature. It can heal and regenerate what is wounded or weakened, improve the stamina or heighten the senses, remove toxins, poisons, and diseases, but also unleash the powers of nature to turn trees into mighty warriors, or cause earthquakes.

Earth Magic is favoured by the Elves, and very popular with the Orcs.



Dark Magic

Dark Magic comes from Malassa and is related to the mysterious, unfathomable shadows, to the subconscious mind, and to the lethargic, and sometimes lethal, powers of sleep, fatigue and coma.

Darkness hides and shelters its followers but weakens its enemies and feeds them with intangible horrors or disruptive delusion. It can wrap allies in shadows to help them disappear from view, drain the life force of enemies until they fall unconscious, or conjure their worst nightmares in their mind until they flee in terror or become catatonic.

Dark Magic is favoured by the Faceless and the Dark Elves, and very popular within the Necromancers.



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