Skills: Bloodrage 07/29/2015 | 427 kommentare

Hello Councillors,

Discover today the Faction Skill of the Stronghold faction: Bloodrage!

“With or without Demon blood, all Stronghold troops seem to share the Orcs’ fighting spirit. Their eagerness for battle makes them incredibly fast and powerful at the start of a battle.”
  • Novice: Each friendly creatures start a combat with a "Bloodrage" buff increasing their attack value by X. At Novice rank, this value is set at 6 at the beginning of the combat and is decreased by 2 when a friendly creature defends or waits and by 2 at the end of one turn. If Bloodrage gets 0 or less, the buff is removed.
  • Expert: Bloodrage starts at X = 9
  • Master: Bloodrage starts at X = 12

    As always, all skill effects are cumulative!
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