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Hello Councillors,

Last week we introduced Skillwheel and Warcries mechanisms in the Shadow Council. In the coming weeks we will give you a rendez-vous every week to discover together a new skillwheel path and associated skills or spells.

Today let's start with the Magic School of Air!

Air Magic Spells

Air Magic comes from Ylath and is linked to the winds, clouds and lightning, but also to intelligence and reason as it is the element of Air that governs the rational mind. This Magic School is favoured by the Humans of the Free Cities, and very popular with the Orcs.

Please note that in the following graphic X might not represent a single number and can be in various cases results of different bonuses or calculations (for instance it can be: X=Damages of the spell from Hero expertise level * Magic value)

Balancing will be handled until the very end of the development.


In order to be able to use the spells from your Magic Guild, your Hero will need to unlock the different levels of progression in the skillwheel. Skills will allow you to improve your mastery and add great bonuses to your spells.

Unfortunately it seems that we made a graphic error on previous article about Warcries: Artillery support is supposed to be a Master rank Skill and Warlord a GrandMaster one (aka Ultimate).

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