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Today, we wanted to share with you the portraits, bios and specializations of some of the Necropolis Heroes you’ll be able to hire in the Hall of Heroes in skirmish or multiplayer maps. While they are not the main characters of the campaigns, some of these characters might play a role in the stories. Longtime Heroes fans might also recognize some familiar faces :)

Keep in mind all of this is still work in progress, especially the class attributions and specializations.


Race: Haunted Armour
Affinity: Might
Class: Ebon Knight
Specialization: Dark Hunter (Effect of Haste/Slow spells increased)

Biography: Once a Sherif of the Seven Cities, Merikh remained a stern agent of the law after being turned into an Undead by Archon Belketh himself. It was Merikh who presided over the trial of the nefarious Nethermancer Sandro, banishing him from the Wizard lands. When Sandro returned, some sixty years later, he had not forgotten Merikh's role in his exile, and perpetrated his revenge by trapping his soul within a ghoul's body. It took Belketh several years and a great amount of power to track down the creature and salvage Merikh's essence, binding it to a more appropriate vessel: a black suit of armour. Relentless, unbendable and incorruptible, Merikh has become a terrifying embodiment of Justice.


Race: Vampire
Affinity: Magic
Class: Archon
Specialization: Master of Prime (Increases Magic by X when casting spells of the magic school of Prime.)

Biography: One of the oldest Vampires, Lyla is part of the second generation of Belketh's students, walking in the footsteps of such legendary -- or controversial -- figures as Lord Vein or Sandro. Renowned for her red hair, quite rare in the Seven Cities, Lyla was never much interested in theology and left Al-Betyl when the Spider Cult became a dominant faction among the Necromancers. Her motivation is knowledge, something she'd rather seek in solitude, surrounded only by her Undead servants and ghostly familiars.


Race: Vampire
Affinity: Magic
Class: Necromancer
Specialization: Spider Tamer (Increases the production of Ebon Spiders and Death Spiders by X/week in the Area of Control.)

Biography: Personal steward to Archon Belketh himself, Zoltan is one of the many Undead leaders who view Wizards as their true enemies. To better know them, Zoltan studied deeply the arcane magic of the Silver Cities, looking for ways to combine them with his own Necromantic abilities. But his real passion is spiders, which he sees as embodiments of Asha's perfection.


Race: Human
Affinity: Might
Class: Death Knight
Specialization: Ghost Caller (Increases the production of Ghosts and Banshees by X/week in the Area of Control.)

Biography: Cold and unrelenting, Charna is believed by many to be Undead -- but wrongly so. Some say she was born with a black heart, others than all her emotions have been erased by Void magic. What is certain is that she has never felt compassion for another creature, and love is a myth as far as she is concerned. So, free of a conscience, she has been able to do things that even Demons would balk at. 
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