Necro - A word from the Team 01/27/2015 | 2136 kommentare

Hello Councillors,

Since the launch of the Shadow Council, we try to remain faithful to our ambition to create a living platform for the community where everybody is able to receive weekly information and also share its opinion on all topics. Since the early beginning we try to take into account all your inputs and as much as possible consolidate our vision thanks to them. Nevertheless, we can’t open all topics to the vote or discussion in order to make progress in the development on our side.

However, in the last few days we identified an important wave of frustration since the reveal of Necropolis Faction and we would like to assure you through this statement that we are aware of the current situation. The team is studying if some possibilities exist to make changes to some creatures without hurting too much our development schedule.

/!\ We do not make any promise here since we still have to study the impact this change could imply on our side before giving a straight answer in a way or another.

It is important to keep in mind that even if we are able to do changes, the line-up (creatures listing & abilities) would remain the same and we would focus on 1 or 2 creatures visuals depending on our opportunities. Also, even with the modified visuals, the creatures would remain consistent with the Ashan universe.

We will get back to you in the following weeks to confirm you whether or not we can make those changes but please keep in mind that if it turns out not to be possible, this would be definitive.

We do take into account and respect your opinion and can only assure you we will do our best to find solutions but whatever our answer will be, we would like to ask for your comprehension and request you to remain civil and polite in the Shadow Council.

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