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As any good heir to a long dynasty, Heroes VII feeds upon a long history of predecessors, including the beloved third installment, known to be most appreciated amongst all.

This article shows how the design of Heroes VII reflects some aspects of its illustrious ancestor.

Combat calculations:

Combat calculations system is very similar to H3’s. The difference between two opposed unit stacks is based on their respective attack and defense value. This difference generates a multiplier to the damage dealt from the attacker, which is subtracted to the stack’s health of the defender.

In Heroes VII, hero’s stats simply are added to creatures ones, allowing players to easily grasp the interest of a spell or an ability (for instance, if an ability gives a +5 attack bonus, the target receive a +5 bonus to its stats and that’s it).

Hero stats:

Now that we introduced the calculation topic, it is the perfect timing to go deeper on the hero’s stats!

In Heroes VII, we decided to go back to the roots of this area and reduce stats to 7. The functions of these are similar to those in Heroes III, with the addition of the hero damage (since the hero can attack a stack directly).
  • Might (adds to creature attack)
  • Defense (adds to creature defense)
  • Magic (increases the power of spells)
  • Spirit (increases the mana pool)
  • Leadership (adds to creature morale)
  • Destiny (adds to creature luck)
  • Damage

Luck and morale:

Luck and morale are prominent in heroes VII. You can play with those as actual game changers. Factions like Haven can bet their victory on their high morale, granting additional actions, and therefore additional damage. Undeads can play their debuffing abilities to send their enemies into negative morale, sometimes forcing them to miss a complete turn!

Luck can be boosted to deal critical attacks but also lowered to cause fumbles (critical failure) and low damage!

Warfare units:

In memory of the ballista and healing tent, Heroes VII brings back the same game function in more faction-specific style, and therefore changes names. As introduced previously with Heroes VI, they can be machines or creatures and are unique per army. Heroes can specialize in their use and buy buildings to empower them.
  • The attack unit is the heir of the ballista : it’s a ranged damage dealing machine or creature. 
  • The support unit is the heir of the healing tent : it buffs or heals creatures in the army. 
  • The siege unit is the their of the catapult : it attacks a town’s wall to create an opening.


The magic guild and spell acquisition in Heroes VII is deeply inspired from Heroes III, and will be the topic an upcoming article. Stay tuned!

Creature abilities:

In Heroes VII, creatures tend to have less abilities, and use more passive abilities similar to those found in Heroes III (e.g.: Medusa attacks have XX% chance to turn enemies to stone). Some trigger on critical attacks, some work all the time, overall, the player has less to read and click, and more to think.

Multi-faction play:

In Heroes VII, having no town conversion pushes the player to play more than just one faction at a time either by mixing armies or by leading more heroes to the front, just like in Heroes III. An interesting challenge.


As already explained  in this article, Heroes VII goes back to 7 resources just like in Heroes III, only with different names.

Map editor:

With Heroes VII, we want to provide the player with the same freedom to create maps, campaigns, and a powerful and versatile editor is being developed to that end. Our ambition is to give the opportunity to map makers from all horizons and level of expertise to unleash their creativity like they were able to do with Heroes III map editor. This one is of course our main reference (along with H4 one) for this tool development and we wish to go even further! We are looking forward sharing with you more information on this topic!

Of course there are plenty more elements from Heroes III and other titles that we decided to give our respect to on Heroes VII. Our objective with Heroes VII is to provide the best of Heroes and we will have additional surprises to unveil soon!

Stay tuned!
The M&M team.
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