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Hello Councillors,

Dark Elves are a pragmatic people, and bribery and assassination are often cheaper than raising an army. Their generals believe that a war is better won with persuasive words, devious stratagems, and a poisoned daggers than with an army in the field, and as such they have no hesitation about sending out spies, saboteurs and assassins as instruments of their policy.
  • Shadow Slayer,
  • Darkblade,
  • Trickster.
In case you missed it, discover Dungeon's faction skill: Shroud of Malassa

Shadow Slayer

Shadow Slayers are the military leaders of Ygg-Chall. Able to travel far and quickly to lead their concealed armies to battle, their mastery of warfare and offensive manoeuvres is unrivalled among the dark elves.

Main skills: Shroud of Malassa, Offense, Warcries


Darkblades know all the secret tunnels and subterranean passages of Ashan. Skilled in the art of war, they are decent diplomat and magic users. But their main role is to establish new outposts just below the enemy's feet.

Main skills: Shroud of Malassa, Warfare, Exploration


As their name implies, Tricksters are the masters of deception, always coming with new schemes to take the upper hand over their enemies. Armies placed under their command move across the battlefield like an army of shadows.

Main skills: Shroud of Malassa, Defense, Paragon
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