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Hello Councillors,

Discover today the Might Heroes of the Silver Cities. Even if Academy is well-known for its magic Masters, there are also powerful warriors and leaders in the desert. All of them have the ability "Metamagic", allowing them to trigger synergies between spells to unleash even more power and destruction on the battlefield.

Might Heroes from Academy are divided into 3 classes:
  • Blademage,
  • Alchemist,
  • Sheriff.


Blademages are the warriors of Academy. They wield magic powers but still rely mostly on the might of their troops. Masters of Prime Magic, they prefer offensive spells to any other kind, and harness the full power the magical pyramids.
Main skills: Metamagic, Prime magic, Warfare


Alchemists are the greatest economists of the desert, able to make gold out of sand, they are also amongst the best scholars of Ashan. Decent spellcasters, they focus only on Prime and Water Magic, and remain mostly army generals.
Main skills: Metamagic, Economy, Paragon


Sheriffs are the law officers of the Academy faction, and came to prominence during the Purge of the Necromancers. While they can lead armies on the battlefield, they focus on defense and are the most proficient casters of Light Magic of their faction.
Main skills: Metamagic, Diplomacy, Light Magic
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