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Today, we wanted to share with you the portraits, bios and specializations of some of the Academy Heroes you’ll be able to hire in the Hall of Heroes in skirmish or multiplayer maps. While they are not the main characters of the campaigns, some of these characters might play a role in the stories. Longtime Heroes fans might also recognize some familiar faces :)
Keep in mind all of this is still work in progress, especially the class attributions and specializations.


Race: Human
Affinity: Magic
Class: Wizard
Specialization: Master of Water (Increases Magic by X when casting spells of this school.)

Biography: Minasli was the type of child who takes things apart to find out how they work. Studying magic was a slow process for her because she was more interested in deconstructing spells than learning new ones, much to her tutors' annoyance. Her natural curiosity and thoroughness served her well in the end, though: impressed by the knowledge she has acquired, Headmaster Theodorus has recently asked Minasli to become the new teacher of Magical theory.


Race: Half-Elf
Affinity: Magic
Class: Enchanter
Specialization: Protector (Hero starts with Defense skill rank 1 and the “Town Protector” ability.)

Biography: Mirym is a half-breed, the son of a famous Knight of the Empire and a Dark Elf sorceress. Seen by many as an anomaly, even an abomination, Mirym struggled to find his place in the world until he joined the Academies of Magic, where questions of race and origins do not matter. Mirym decided to embrace the open-mindedness wholeheartedly. He swore to never let any bias or prejudice cloud his judgment, and has made friends in all the major Houses.


Race: Rakshasa
Affinity: Might
Class: Blademage
Specialization: Rakshasa Officer (Increases the production of Rakshasas and Rakshasa Rajas by X/week in the area of control.))

Biography: Asad al-Kzin is charming, smart, haughty and a tad sadistic – pretty much what you would expect a giant cat to be. However, do not let is laidback and indolent attitude fool you: when the situation calls for it, Asad can become a remorseless and merciless killer in the blink of an eye. Of course, he'd rather kill only when it serves his own interests, but sometimes you just have to enjoy the small pleasures in life.


Race: Human
Affinity: Might
Class: Alchemist
Specialization: Cabir Summoner (Increases the production of Cabeiri by X/week.)

Biography: Saabira is one of the greatest Archmages of House Chimera, and has specialized in the creation of Beastmen. Her mastery of the art of fusing man and animal allowed her to join the Circle of Nine, the ruling council of the Academies. After the great revolts, she has been working on new ways to enforce the obedience of her creations, and to ensure they remain harmless -- that is, until she doesn't want them to be. In the meantime, she uses summoned spirits like Cabeiri to do her bidding.
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