The Elves are graceful and patient souls who live in close harmony with the lands and forests. They are in tune with Sylanna, the Dragon of Earth. Her deliberate nature and ancient wisdom are reflected in their approach to life and worship. They view the forests and living things as their responsibilities, and do not shrink from punishing those who defile them.

A few years before the Second Eclipse, his head turned by a band of flatterers, High King Arniel decided that Elf power was too decentralized, and that the traditional way of electing the supreme ruler (through a vision shared by the Druids) was unreliable. His solution was to usurp the powers of the local Elf kings, strip the Druids of their authority, and make his own title hereditary.

Among the various rebels that clashed with him, the most tragically famous is Queen Tuidhana. The conflict between Arniel and Tuidhana escalated into open war, until Brythigga, the Mother of Trees and home of the original royal dwelling, was burned to the ground, leaving a blackened scar on the earth where nothing would ever grow again. High King Arniel was caught inside the conflagration and burned alive.

The place where Brythigga had stood was stricken from the maps, and to this day no Elf will go there. Another Mother of Trees has been consecrated, hidden deep within the forests, but no Elf will speak of her to outsiders.

Centuries have passed, but tensions remain high between the Elves and Tuidhana’s people, now known as the Dark Elves. The current High King, Alaron, is now slowly re-establishing stronger ties with the other nations.


Nature’s Revenge

The Elves never forgive those who harm Nature. Once an opponent has been marked as an enemy of Nature, the Elves will stop at nothing until he is utterly destroyed and his corpse turned into fertiliser.

Guardians of the Harmony

The majority of Elves still seek protection from the Dragon of Earth. They in turn have become guardians of the Earth, and especially all of the life, whether plant or animal, that grows from it.

Guerrilla Masters

Manoeuvrability is the key to Elf tactics – they are past masters of retreating to draw the enemy into an advantageous position for them. The archers and Druids will fire from cover, move on, and fire again. The more confusion they can sow with arrow fire and long range spells, the better.

Forest Warfare

Elf armies are also composed of a fluid array of allied spirit units: Pixies and Sprites from the Fair Folk, Treants and Dryads from the deepforest, Sun Deers and Moon Does, all join the Elves willingly in their battles.