The Magnificient

Long-time fan since heroes II.
Firm beliver that full 3d animated townscreens was the best things since heroes 3. You hear that? Bring back the true townscreens!

If you somehow think the townscreens for Heroes 7 looks good, then i urge you to look at this: http://youtu.be/n5ATfMxkD4Q

Can you feel the difference?! Can you?! It makes you want to live there. 2.5D screens got nothing against good immersive 3D townscreens.

Also, i belive it's a misstake to keep using the square battlemaps.
Though Might & Magic Heroes online suffers from the usal faults of many webgames (you know, wait this long before doing that blahblehbloh) one thing it did bring was it's battlemaps. I actually think it's one of the better and more innovating features of the franchise in a long time. Using hex in a asymmetrical battlemaps makes the battle much more fun and exiting compared to the old look of the battlemaps.

Level 14

32480 xp


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