The Destroyer

Thirty years before Isabel's wars lies the Kingdom of Ylathicum north of the Griffin Empire. They have been silent for the past hundreds of years as they have their own matters to deal with. Dangerous mythical creatures surrounds the area so the kingdom is more concerned about surviving these creatures' attacks than involve themselves in war.

Among the populace of Ylathicum is Zseuz. He's a proven hero who has killed many dangerous free creatures. One of the men he rescued, a Seer, predicted his sons are destined for greatness.

Zseuz marries Sheera. A half human, half elf woman from Irollan. She gave him six children. Thena being the eldest, followed by Aries, then Hartemisia, Apollus, Jeremiah and the youngest, Ermes. Sheera died right after she gave birth to Ermes. A Seer said she died from giving birth. But Ermes wasn't the main reason. By the time Sheera gave birth to Aries, her stomach was damaged due to Aries being gifted with inhumane strength. Each birth became more painful. Zseuz wanted to stop creating children after Hartemisia but lust always gets in the way. Ermes, the other gifted child nailed the coffin. This is the reason why Zseuz hates Aries and thus no matter what he does, it will never please him.

Among the siblings, only Jeremiah has the features of an elf. All the others are more human. Although, they all inherited the long life of an elf from their mother.
Thena is a strong, independent woman. She's intelligent, beautiful and loves olive trees.
Aries is insanely strong, manly, handsome and fierce-looking. He's very short-tempered and emotional.
Hartemisia is a loner. She enjoys going out on the woods, spending time with her animals. She's a loner, rarely getting involved with outsider's affairs.
Apollus is a handsome, beardless man. He's the most intelligent and artistic among the siblings. He knows archery, translating ancient language, music, healing and causing plagues. He may look perfect but he's a sore loser.
Jeremiah, like his older brother Apollus, is incredibly handsome and insanely smart. Although he's smart only in things he is interested in. Jeremiah is very interested with Elven culture. He knows archery and blade dancing but his forte is Druidry.
Ermes, the youngest is fast, athletic and cunning. He's also smart as he has invented a lot of things. When the three youngest siblings goes on an adventure, Ermes prefers to use his athleticism relying on speed, fist and his abilities in wrestling to beat his foes.

Thena and Aries hardens themselves in war, leading armies and fighting for their Kingdom. Apollus on the other hand became an important figure in Ylathicum as he has helped in flourishing its culture. Ermes has become a very good merchant and a well-known athlete. Lastly, Jeremiah goes to Irollan to learn the ways of the Elves and the art of Druidry.

A decade after Isabel's wars, the children are already 40 years old in Elven years. Queen Freyda foolishly declares war on Ylathicum. King Leonus responds by sending his greatest generals to conquer the Griffin Empire. Among them are Thena and Aries.
Meanwhile, Apollus, Jeremiah and Ermes sets out on an adventure touring the ends of Ashan. From the new homeland of the Nagas, to the summits of the Garudas, to the continents that has never been discovered, these three Elven men has been to them all. They are also a great team complimenting each other. Apollus with his intelligence and his bow, Jeremiah with his earth and water spells and Ermes' cunning and athleticism.
When the three came back thirty years later, the Unicorn Empire has been completely absorbed by Ylathicum. Thena has turned evil since she cannot admit Aries gained the King's favor over her. Hartemis and Thena are now the biggest of rivals.

1. Phalanx/Hoplite
2. Seer/Oracle
3. Legionnaire/Praetorian
4. Griffin/Ziz
5. Gladiator/Executioner
6. Charioteer/Pegasus Chariot
7. Demigod/Olympian
8. Angel/Arch Angel

1. Knight - [might] master of retaliation. Excellent morale and can tax citizens.
2. Crusader - [mixed] can recruit extra units in every Haven bldg. Use magic protect troops.
3. Priest - [magic] can heal and resurrect stacks. Excellent light magic and Holy Light skill.
1. Skeleton/Skeleton Chariot
2. Apparition/Banshee
3. Ghoul/Graveghoul
4. Vampire/Nelapsi
5. Lich/Scarab Lich
6. Mummy/Mummy Pharaoh
7. Dullahan/Bloody Horseman
8. Grim Reaper/Death Reaper

1. Immortal [might] - passive deals random curses + Chilling Bones. Morale reduction
2. Vizier - [mixed] - excellent at recruiting undead neutrals. Best Curse of the Neatherworld.
3. Necromancer - [magic] - can raise the dead. Best users of Dark Magic.
Sylvan - after the feminists took over DSEM, the Druidic Order is filled with incompetent individuals, so, they tried to reform the Druidic Order but damage has been done. Though, it's not as good as it used to be, there are still druids very good at what they do. Mostly, men.
1. Pixie/Fairy
2. Lynx/Silver Lynx
3. Green Fox/Ninetails
4. Archer/Hunter
5. Unicorn/Silver Unicorn
6. Blade Dancer/Wind Dancer
7. Mountain Turtle/Terra Turquoise
8. Emerald Phoenix/Forest Guardian

1. Ranger - [might] has avenger skill. Excellent logistics. Fastest hero in the game.
2. Beastmaster - [magic] can summon animals or harness their power.Excellent wind magic.
3. Druid - [magic] excellent earth magic. Can turn battlefield into vineyard. Entangle skill.
1. Golden Boar/Gullinbursti
2. Blacksmith/Warsmith
3. Crossbowman/Arbalester
4. Brawler/Berserker
5. Snow Troll/Mountain Troll
6. Rune Keeper/Rune Warrior
7. Steam Tank/Blazing Armor
8. Jotunn/Lava Giant

1. Shieldmaster - [might] - master of defensive formations. Highest hp&def in the game.
2. Engineer - [might] can build roads&bridges. Uses mana to repair machines&fortifications.
3. Runemage - [magic] experts of fire and rune magic
1. Goblin/Boggart
2. Gnoll/Skirmisher
3. Brute/Savage Brute
4. Shaman/Beast Shaman
5. Centaur/Marauder
6. Minotaur/Gladiator
7. Wyvern/Paokai
8. Behemoth/Mighty Behemoth

1. Barbarian - [might] best battle rage and warcries. Hero primarily built for offense.
2. Khan - [might] strategic hero. Gains significant boost in certain troop formation.
3. Nomad - [might] lots of anti-magic skills. Only hero that can transport towns.
1. Cabir/Cabir Master
2. Simurgh/Konrul
3. Golem/Sandstone Golem
4. Djinn/Marid
5. Disciple/Magician
6. Rakshasa/Raja
7. Garuda/King of the Skies
8. Colossus/Titan

1. Wizard - [magic] can build constructs and do magic mirror. Best at summoning magic.
2. Alchemist - [magic] can enchant unit items. Can also make potions for multi purposes.
3. Magus - [magic] master of destructive fire, water, wind and earth magic.

Level 22

104850 xp


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