In times of peace, the Hunters supply the Elven communities with food, and they are respected for their skills and prowess. Wandering Irollan, they live in harmony with Nature and its unwritten laws. They will never kill a living being without purpose. In times of war, however, they have no compunction about using their talents to strike down enemies from afar.

Kaspar's Comment

“It may come as a surprise, but no, Elves are not vegetarians. Although many Druids choose to be.”

Master Hunter

Master Hunters are dedicated to the defense of the woodland realms and rise to protect them from any invader. Their enchanted bows allow them to shoot twice before the enemy even knows they're there.

Kaspar's Comment

“The Master Hunter receives his title during a special ceremony, in which an elder Treant offers the Elf one of his branches to be carved into a bow. The Master Hunter uses this bow until his death, and is buried with it.”

Double Shot

Master Hunters are so swift that they can shoot two arrows when lesser men would only shoot one.