Gnolls are one of the many types of Beastmen created by the Wizards of House Chimera after they mastered the art of fusing man with animal. Half-man, half-hyena, Gnolls were designed as trackers, capable of relentlessly pursuing the enemy’s scent. Once they enemy has been found, however, Gnolls prefer to stay away from the melee, attacking from afar with throwing knives.

Kaspar's Comment

“The type of knives used by Gnolls is a common Wizard design known as a ‘kukri’. It was not really meant to be used as a projectile though…”

Gnoll Hunter

When a Beastman is created, the resulting being keeps most of its Human intelligence, but also inherits the instincts and tendencies of its animal side. For Gnoll Hunters, this translates as an opportunistic (some would say cowardly) streak. Gnoll Hunters will let others fight in close combat, only intervening when they can land a blow at the enemy without putting themselves directly at risk.

Kaspar's Comment

“Like several of the most… unexpected species of Beastmen, the Gnolls were created by a Wizard called Agar. However, contrary to most of Agar’s ideas, Gnolls actually made sense for desert warfare. Too bad the other Wizards mistreated them to the point they rebelled.”

Opportunity Shot

Gnolls are vicious fighters. If one of their allies is attacking, they always try to use the opening to throw a dagger in the flank of the targeted foe.