The Imperial Sentinels form the backbone of the Empire’s military. Equipped with a shield and a spear, they are often in the frontline, relentlessly advancing on the enemy.

Kaspar's Comment

“In the old days, Sentinels were volunteers, willing to risk their lives to defend the Empire, especially during Bloodmoon Eclipses. Nowadays, Sentinels are professional soldiers, and as a result, they rely less on faith and more on their training.”


Handpicked from the ranks of the Imperial Guard, the Legion is a veteran corps tasked with patrolling the borders of the Empire and defending its outposts deep within hostile lands, such as the mountains of the Dragons’ Causeway or the Deserts of Sahaar. They are highly disciplined, and show an unwavering resolve on the battlefield.

Kaspar's Comment

“It has been mostly forgotten, but the first Legion was trained by Lifsten “Ironskull” Jarnsson, a famous Dwarven Master-of-Arms. This is in his honour that the Legion’s trademark tactics is called the Dwarven Turtle. The Legion presses forwards, keeping their allies safe behind a moving wall of shields.”


Their perfect discipline and large shields allow the legionnaires to create a shield wall and protect their allies on the battlefield, at the cost of their own safety. The tactics has proven to be efficient for large troops.