Common soldiers as well as knights fear the Crossbowmen of the Holy Empire. Their lethal reputation comes from the tremendous power coiled in their weapons. The bolts launched from their crossbows are said capable of piercing Dwarven Dragonsteel.

Kaspar's Comment

“Legend has it that it was the power of the first crossbows that allowed Ronan Falcon, high-king of the Falcon clan, to defeat the other clan lords and unite them as one Empire.”


Marksmen have become masters of the crossbow and learned how to make maximum usage of each of their powerful bolts. All enemies fear their piercing shots, even those standing behind their primary targets.

Kaspar's Comment

“Every year, on the 21th day of the Sun Blossom, the beginning of the spring season, a great archery contest is held in every town of the Empire. The best contestants are offered a position among the Marksmen corps.”

Piercing Shot

The combination of top-quality bolts and improved crossbow power allows the marksmen to shoot through multiple enemies with one shot.