Hailing from the Grimsteel Clan, Defenders are able to withstand the attacks of their enemies with a rock-like durability. Armed with huge shields reminiscent of fortress walls, they provide a formidable obstacle to any opponent.

Kaspar's Comment

Dwarves like layers of leather garb when they go journeying in the world, supplemented by plate mail and finely crafted helmets, and they would sooner be naked than unarmed.


Shieldguards are battle-hardened warriors whose mission is to protect other Dwarven units. Using their mighty shields, the Shieldguards can build an unbreakable wall to decrease the damage inflicted by the attacking enemy.

Kaspar's Comment

The Dwarves have fought many wars, chronicled in lengthy sagas, eddas, and histories. Unfortunately, these are rarely shared with the outside world.

Dwarven Shieldwall

The Creature's Defense is increased against non-flanking attacks and retaliations. Non-flanking attacks and retaliations cannot make the creature Incapacitated.