The Stalker is the typical Dark Elf whose words are soft as silk with a slight perfume of poison. Stalkers are fearless and fearsome, not known for long speeches but for expeditious action. In the early decades of the War under the Mountains, Stalkers were known to bring chakrams to battle, but they now prefer using crossbows.

Kaspar's Comment

“Dark Elves fight dirty. Stalkers are a good reminder of that fact.”


The Dark Elves have always respected assassins, but they reserve particular esteem for those killers who are masters of stealth, capable of taking their unsuspecting victims by complete surprise. The finest exponents of this art are the Trackers. Evading the traps, swords and spells of their foes, the Tracker will slip unseen past any guard in order to deliver the fatal blow to her target.

Kaspar's Comment

“Trackers carry special crossbows, cut from the roots of a Treant, their trigger and mechanism forged from Shadowsteel. They shoot further, send quarrels truer, and inflict more grievous wounds than any regular bow or crossbow.”

Amour Piercing

The crossbow bolts of the Trackers are so powerful that they ignore their target's defense.