ahedgpe The Faithful
September 22, 2014 19:22:00

I do like that they integrated wolf units into the Haven army.

GalaadleHaut The Hero
September 23, 2014 19:19:17

Yeah that's a sweet move !

September 23, 2014 08:28:28

perfect core lineup with great look

September 23, 2014 03:25:56

Thay all look fantastic.

Kobaltmaster The Guardian
September 22, 2014 23:21:10

looks promising, love the attention to detail and how the "wolf" theme flows on the units while still keeping them soldiers of the empire. Congrats for maintaining coherence between these units and the ones from H6.

I think it would be cool if at some point further on, maybe through a DLC or something, we could chose the skin of the units: griffin, stag, bull etc.

September 22, 2014 23:28:50

That would be really cool, but I don't think it's going to happen. It's a matter of cash, however. So if a lot of people will declare they want the skins, they will make them. :D

Cleglaw The Councilor
September 23, 2014 00:49:02

yes please, i was thinking the same. wouldnt it be awesome to choose duchy themes? perfect to think.. but i wonder if we are too optimistic to want that? i mean, this is some serious effort.

Kobaltmaster The Guardian
September 23, 2014 15:01:09

It is a bit fare fetched, but not impossible. We are after all talking just about skins and not complete 3D models. A DLC or goodie pack might be appreciated. Either way, it's an idea that the devs should consider... I think it would give a more personal feel if we get to chose the army theme.
Who knows maybe further on...

xixo78 The Dark
September 23, 2014 22:58:26

_Great idea, but I will continue talking about the fact that we choose the units in a ratio of five (5) options for three (3) final choices and so proportionately. That way everyone could vote for their favorite creatures and then the most voted would become part of the game. I was grateful that you have perfected the ability of the server and for providing us such interactivity. Regards to all!

September 22, 2014 22:44:00

Wow, Haven is going to be really cool this time. Not like in H5 and H6, where they were a bunch of sanctimonious knights in fancy armors.

Cleglaw The Councilor
September 23, 2014 00:46:41

Ironman-marksmen :) how can i say no to this?

Anyways i always find wolf theme superior to griffin theme. DoC artworks was way cooler to me. I'm glad to see that this also same in H7 arts.

Those guys are like Spartan versions of Griffins. Fierce and charming.

Kimarous The Magnificient
September 23, 2014 00:56:34

I'd say more "Roman" than "Spartan", but that's semantics. Bottom line, I agree with your position. It's a refreshing change of pace with Haven - simultaneously stripping away the increasingly gaudy aesthetics and making things more badass overall.

NACH00OO The Councilor
September 22, 2014 22:30:37

The legionnaire upgrade looks great!

Grythandril The Magical
September 22, 2014 20:29:20

I like it very much especially the silverback

The legionaire and the marksmen armour have greek/roman feel to them

cao_imchin The Mysterious
September 22, 2014 20:54:26

i agree very greek/roman :-)

FLUVIU The Mighty
September 25, 2014 13:52:06

The Silverbacks should have more armor than the Dire Wolfs for two reasons:
1.The Silverback its the upgraded version of Dire Wolfs.
2.The Holy Empire lineup usually wears heavy armor.

September 24, 2014 11:12:06

I think going for wolfs was the worst choice, any other would be better, simply they never belonged to haven. But if there is no chance for changing them, at least make them look better, as someone pointed out they look like cerberus but just with one head, which is not a complement

Cleglaw The Councilor
September 24, 2014 15:25:40

Down vote.

September 23, 2014 13:35:05

It is evident that lots of effort is given to faction "redesign". For some reason old design (even thou loved by fans) is considered obsolete. I hope same amout of effort is given to improving game mechanics.

Articun The Wanderer
September 23, 2014 11:58:45

So, i guess the wolf Duchy is more reliable in their own strength rather than religion and use their emblematic animal in battle as well. This is also seen by the new dress code with the furs etc. It is nice to see Haven changing a bit and paying tribute to the previous additions in the series. Also the return of the sword bearer is also a nice touch. Makes humans much more reliable to themselves. Dunno how the griffins are gonna be replaced if truly they will be absent.

September 23, 2014 14:17:13

They said once there are no griffins in the common line up.
Instead we have male clerics and female clerics (WOW)

Heroes360X The Mighty
September 23, 2014 14:39:51

No griffins? sorry but that's a fail :( griffins belong in heroes!!

iWellplay The Wanderer
September 23, 2014 15:09:55

Griffins are in the game but as special campaign units for Ivan.

So do Wolfes( H1-6) ;)

Please stop repeating the flame war from Elven threads.

iWellplay The Wanderer
September 23, 2014 15:19:28

@Manutero we still don't know what female unit is so don't be hateful.

Heroes360X The Mighty
September 23, 2014 15:38:47


im not saying the wolves dont belong in heroes, i just said that the griffins do. had nothing to do with wolves not belonging in heroes ;)

and im not repeating the flame wars from elven threads literally just used it as an example ;) get me ? ;)

Kimarous The Magnificient
September 23, 2014 18:51:23

As a further point about Wolf Duchy relying more on their own strength, it's noteworthy that one of the Champion options for Haven is a sword-wielding (oversized) human - and since Champion units are an either/or situation, that means that Haven could limit their divine influence to their priests.

Wo0olfy The Mysterious
September 23, 2014 11:50:21

sentinels and archers look almost the same

September 27, 2014 07:57:22

As they should be... they are the back of each heaven-army. So they need a kind of... uniformed armor.

September 23, 2014 09:12:08

And i don't like the name of the upgraded Dire Wolf "SILVERBACK", silverback is a gorilla not a wolf

krayz1e2010 The Dark
September 22, 2014 19:25:42

Amazing job. Please make angel be a male! :)

krayz1e2010 The Dark
September 22, 2014 19:29:43

And please dont forget to put paladin:)

September 22, 2014 20:28:15

the angel is male man..

Cosadj The Councilor
September 22, 2014 20:29:31

I think paladin will be the current swordbearer's upgrade.

iWellplay The Wanderer
September 22, 2014 20:51:28

Yes Angel is male this time ;)

September 29, 2014 20:19:20

Please remove this stupid dogs and give us griffins.

October 01, 2014 02:26:31

I like the Wolves but agree griffins are needed! Have one of the swordsmen or women ride em!

October 07, 2014 03:19:07

Good luck. Looks like the whole Haven army has wolf 'branding' on all their armour/shields so I'd imagine they want to continue it with the unit.

Kromash The Mysterious
October 12, 2014 06:08:32

Yeah right, especially as it seems it's the Wolf Duchy army...
@jhogan251 maybe have some wolves riding some women?

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