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There are seven resources in Heroes seven.

What are resources?

They are things you can collect to trade or build. Some are basic, cheap and common, some are rare. Buildings generally require basic resources like wood and ore. The most powerful also require rare ones. It’s the same for creatures: champions generally demand rare resources to be recruited.

Common resources

Wood is cheap and common, found anywhere, although it is rarer in arid places like Heresh or the various deserts of Ashan. It is produced in sawmills. Ore is easily mined anywhere, including underground. With wood, it is the basic material for most buildings in the world. It is extracted from ore pits. Gold is the universal currency for all people on Ashan. It is obtained from gold mines.

Rare resources

  Dragonblood crystal is the very blood of the Dragons Gods, that was spilled over Ashan during the Wars of Creation. Its power is versatile and unrivalled. It is used in many magical buildings and allows the breeding of magical creatures.
It is extracted from Crystal caverns, which are pretty rare.
  Starsilver is a lightweight but incredibly hard metal that fell from the Sky in the mythic Age. Extracted from meteor craters, it is a silver-like material imbued with blue reflections. It is mostly appreciated by the Elves who use it to forge their elegant but sturdy chainmail armours, their deadly swords, daggers or spear blades, and their arrow tips. It is also craved by Wizards who use it extensively to produce their Titans.   Shadowsteel is a magical metal of mysterious origins, found in the deepest pits of Ashan. Legend says it was first found when the Faceless disappeared from Ashan and that they created it with their own blood as a gift - or a curse - to those who would later seek their ancient underground cities.

Shadowsteel is astonishingly tough and easily imbued with magic, which makes it a great choice for armours and shields. No wonder why Dwarves and Dark Elves favour it in their craft.

Shadowsteel pits are obviously rarer on the surface of Ashan than underground.
Dragonsteel is actually an alloy, created by the bloodsmiths, an ancient order that was once outlawed by the Holy Empire. A mix of Drabonblood Crystal and iron, it takes on an unexpected reddish hue during its creation. The process is far from simple and only bloodsmiths can achieve it, which makes their bloodforges rare and precious sites.

Dragonsteel is easily enchanted, that’s why it’s often the base material of powerful weapons and armours.

How to get resources?

Heroes can capture resource sites to enjoy their daily production. This wealth can then be used to build or for trade, allowing skillful lords to buy resources outside their reach.

They can also collect resources during their travels, adding to their personal treasure as a reward for their adventures.
Experienced heroes also develop skills to enhance their production or ability to collect or loot more resources. This can be instrumental in a long war, where economy is key to sustain the effort.

Protecting resource sites or using skirmish tactics to raid and pillage your enemy’s are also critical to maintain the flow of resources and develop your lands in an optimal fashion.

How to spend resources

Buildings require resources. Common ones are a must-have right from the beginning, and spending wisely is recommended. Rare resources are bigger bottlenecks than require even more caution in the spending, especially since the most powerful creatures require them also.

Smart heroes spot what rare resources they have within their reach and sometimes sell them to buy those they cannot get without risk.

Resources are at the heart of the economic system of Might and Magic Heroes VII. He who controls economy controls the world…or so it seems.

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