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Hello Heroes,

On November 19th we released MMH7 patch 1.5 to introduce additional content to the game and enhance the stability of multiplayer experience.

While we hope you enjoyed the new maps and the improved multiplayer, we identified a critical bug affecting the spells and skill window. Unfortunately it is quite random and has a low occurrence rate, explaining why it escaped our QC teams vigilance. We have spent days to reproduce it on our end, and now are pleased to finally confirm that this bug has been identified and will be fixed in the upcoming 1.6 patch! Players who have experienced the spell/skill issue should note that those save files will continue to be corrupt even post 1.6 but any new saves made will work as intended. We apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

We wish to extend our thanks to you all again, for your support, by providing numerous logs and saves with us.

Patch 1.6:

In addition to this critical fix, Patch 1.6 will contain various other bug fixes and improvements. More details on this will be available in the patch notes. A brief overview on some core elements of 1.6 are as follows;

1. Various bug fixes and improvements, including missing Skills/Spells bug

2. A new Skimirsh map: "Global Cooling"

"The mages and alchemists have been issuing warnings for decades, but nobody listened. Now the signs are here for all to see, and only the most delusional still dare denying them: the world is undergoing a drastic climate change, and it's too late to do anything about it. As the world freezes over, all nations begin a desperate struggle to control the remaining resources."

3. Official Tutorial Map

Even if most of you are veteran players of the franchise, a game such as Heroes might be a complex experience at first sight for newcomers. To help them better approach the title, we have introduced a dedicated tutorial map to help guide the player through their journey and learn some more of the subtleties heroes has to offer.

4. First batch of game balancing

With this new patch we have also introduced a first batch of balancing element for the game. A complete changelog will be included in the patch notes. To give you more visibility on our process here are the two main sources of information we used to prepare this update:
- Community feedback. Since the release of the title we gathered a great number of emails,comments and discussions concerning the balancing of the game thanks to your expertise of the franchise.
- Data analyse. We were also able to retrieve in-game data allowing us to analyse the percentage of utilisation of each skills, spells, factions, units and more.

Patch 1.6 is the first step of this new balancing vision and we will carefully monitor your feedback for the upcoming changes

5. Random Map Generator now compatible with multiple tile sets

We also did not forget about the map editor with one important improvement for the RMG feature.You are now able,with version 1.6, to use the RMG with all tile sets at the same time!Currently you are limited to a single variety so we hope this new possibility will allow you to create even more great maps with the editor!

We are committed to continue to support the title in the long run and we know these are some core elements that need to be worked on and perfected to provide the best player experience possible.

Stay tuned for more information regarding patch availability!


A quick update for you regarding multiplayer and the current situation.

With the last patch we managed to fix a great number of multiplayer out of sync situations however some players are still experiencing out of syncs and as such we want to assure you that with every patch more and more of them are fixed.

Due to the complexity of the port forwarding procedure we are working on implementing STORM, which is automatic port forwarding with in the game. This will allow a better connectivity between players using the different setup of modems and routers all over the world.

Port forwarding might seem as an “old school” way to handle multiplayer but it is important to know that even if you are unaware of it, most games and platforms are using them to allow connection between users (Steam for instance is no exception to this rule

This new feature will be implemented in a future support patch, we don't have any ETA to share at the moment but we are doing our best to implement it in the best delays.

The M&M Team.
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