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Hello Heroes!

We are pleased to announce to you the direct availability of Patch 1.5 for Might & Magic Heroes VII.

While last patch was focusing on performance improvements, a primary topic that has been addressed with 1.5 is Multiplayer and Out of Sync issues.

The development team has been hard at work testing as many different possible scenarios that could cause the issue to arise and has made significant head way in fixing them.

However remaining transparent with our fans is always important to us and we would like to iterate that there may still be some cases where the game can go out of sync. If you experience out of sync issues post 1.5 sending us game logs and save game files helps tremendously, and it is with that kind of player base support we've already received that helped us make good progresses with 1.5.

Another exciting new addition coming with 1.5 is the inclusion of 2 new Maps. On top with this we have introduced 5 additional neutrals and 12 Heroes to discover on the following dedicated article: HERE

As always we want to assure you that we are continually working on making Heroes 7 the best game it can be. We'd also like to extend a thank you to you, the community, for sticking with the game and helping us by providing detailed bug reports, game logs and savegames when you've experienced a problem. This has helped tremendously and a lot of the fixes in today’s patch come directly because of the community involvement with the process.

Best, The M&M Team.

Patch 1.5 top lines:

  • Further improved multiplayer in combat and on adventure map for out of syncs
  • Additional content: 2 new Maps, 12 additional Heroes, 5 additional Neutral creatures. See dedicated article for more information!
  • Fixed long loading times experienced by some of the users, which were caused by recompiling low quality shaders 
  • Improved animation system for smoother combat animations
  • Improved AI, Editor and other various Gameplay/Level Design elements (173 fixed bugs)
Stay tuned for more information regarding future patches!

The M&M Team.

Might & Magic Heroes VII - Update 1.5
Date: November 19th, 2015
Version: 1.5 (rev 33749)
Release note: see below

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