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As previously announced, the Magic Guilds feature is back in Heroes VII. Today let’s discover more information with our Game Designer!

What are magic guilds?

They are buildings that players can build and upgrade in their towns. They are available in all towns of all factions, although the guilds in Academy towns can be improved to offer more spells to visiting heroes, by building an Arcane Library.

What do they do?

Teaching spells, that’s what magic guilds do!
Magic guilds can be upgraded from level 1 to 4, by spending gold and different resources, depending on the faction.

Each level of the magic guild grants four spells, plus another per level if an Arcane Library has been built. Which means a total of 16 spells for a fully upgraded magic guild in any town, and 20 for an Academy town.

What spells do they provide?

Each town’s magic guild provides a random set of spells, although a map creator can change that for a fixed list.

Most factions have preferred magic schools and also refuse to teach certain magic schools in their towns. That’s why, for instance, a Haven magic guild will never teach Dark magic spells, but will always teach at least one Light magic spell for each level of the guild.

Reminder: There are 7different magic schools in the world of Ashan:
- Prime Magic
- Dark Magic
- Fire Magic
- Earth Magic
- Light Magic
- Air Magic
- Water Magic

How do you learn a spell?

When a hero visits a town, he acquires automatically the spells from its magic guild, as long as he has the necessary skills to cast them.
Each magic school is a separate skill. Some heroes may have access to many magic schools, and may invest many points in them, to be able to learn high-level spells, and increase their mastery of magic. Academy heroes are the ones who can master all magic schools. For Wizards, there is no such thing as a restricted school of magic :).

Level 1 spells however do not require any skill to be learnt. For higher spell levels, you need to possess the corresponding skill rank. For instance, to learn a level 4 Light magic spell, you need to own the third rank in the Light magic skill (Master).

Can heroes learn spells outside magic guilds?

Yes. Some heroes can teach spells to others. However their students needs the prerequisite skills as if they wanted to learn from a magic guild.
Some heroes have a talent that allows them to learn spells by observing their opponents casting them!

Spells can also be learnt by visiting specific buildings on the adventure map.

The spell hunt

The goal of this system is to have heroes collect spells during their adventures, trying to fill their spell book and gain power in the process. Investing in magic skills becomes a risk, if you don’t find the spells you need, but that’s part of the game! And if you don’t have those spells in your home town…maybe you need to pay a visit to your neighbour.
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