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Hello again, my friends! Our esteemed brother the Spy Master has asked me to give you some information about the armies of the Holy Empire. Today I will therefore speak about the soldiers and creatures that make up the core of the imperial forces. But rather than giving you long lectures, I shall use this “dream shard” to project images of these beings. I suspect you await such visualizations more eagerly than my old anecdotes!


In the old days, Sentinels were volunteers, willing to risk their lives to defend the Empire, especially during Bloodmoon Eclipses. Nowadays, Sentinels are professional soldiers, and as a result, they rely less on faith and more on their training.


It has been mostly forgotten, but the first Legion was trained by Lifsten “Ironskull” Jarnsson, a famous Dwarven Master-of-Arms. It is in his honour that the Legion’s trademark tactics is called the Dwarven Turtle. The Legion presses forwards, keeping their allies safe behind a moving wall of shields.


Legend has it that it was the power of the first crossbows that allowed Ronan Falcon, high-king of the Falcon clan, to defeat the other clan lords and unite them as one Empire.


Every year, on the 21th day of the Sun Blossom, the beginning of the spring season, a great archery contest is held in every town of the Empire. The best contestants are offered a position among the Marksmen corps.

Dire Wolf

Despite their names, the “Dire Wolves” of the imperial armies are not actually pure-blooded wolves, but are descended from the mating of wolves and dogs. This explains why they are not afraid of men.


A fellow Necromancer, a Lich in an advanced state of decay, was once attacked by a Silverback. My poor colleague is still looking for his femur…

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