Academy update now available! 01/22/2015 | 457 comments

Hello Councillors,

The time has finally come! The Academy update ( is now available along with gamification features!

You might experience some glitches during the following hours (including avatar issues for instance). In the meantime, we will continue to improve those features in the long run so experience management might evolve in the future.
For more information about new features please refer to the following article:

Thank you for your support and sorry for the downtime of this day.

Best Ubi-Nox.
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Ubi-Nox  The Shadow Of Death January 22, 2015 21:29:49

Main maintenance is now over, however we still have some bugs to fix. We are aware there are some issues with profile pages & achievement listing (for example if you played H6/MMX but linked achievements are locked) and will continue debug in the following days. We hope you enjoy this new update, thank you for your investment and congrats for all that XP you already earned! ;)

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