v1adimirm Der Finstere
April 02, 2015 10:27:42

Waiting for more good news!

INFERNAL.2012 Der Beschützer
February 15, 2015 22:34:01

I do not understand where the griffins... really damn charnokite again picked?

Enej123 Der Wahnsinnige
February 06, 2015 19:11:36

I can't wait!

February 05, 2015 20:19:18

I just want them to fix the DRM problems H6 had.

MumuWarrior12 Der Wanderer
February 04, 2015 21:00:57

Glad to hear all that. Thank you. By the way, where can we share our fan works with Ubi team?

GalaadleHaut Der Held
February 05, 2015 14:14:58

You can share it here. You will gain XP for sharing UGC, is part of achievement list.

Kichisaburo Der Mysteriöse
February 04, 2015 18:34:48

When new information?

Kichisaburo Der Mysteriöse
February 04, 2015 18:34:32

когда новая информация

Kichisaburo Der Mysteriöse
February 04, 2015 18:34:19

Kiedy jakieś nowe informacje?

February 03, 2015 19:23:31

смотреть на эффекты положительные и отрицательные которые влияют на отряд надо зделать как в героях6 ! героях5 плохо

sgsc22 Der Finstere
February 03, 2015 15:39:42

so slowly((

February 03, 2015 13:38:35

Guys ... believe me the closer to HOMM III the better. And I speak for myself but 4 wasn`t so bad ...

mediczero Der Schicksalshammer
February 03, 2015 13:49:10

Neither was H6... They need to take the core that made H3 and H5 great, the good ideas from H4 and H6. Personally I would say they are doing great so far!

Sussugamon Der Ratgeber
February 03, 2015 14:02:55

H4 was one that I played the most, actually. Not that I liked it the most, but the mechanics were sort of fun, having heroes by themselves, the new caravan system, secondary fog of war, also had item sets, spell functions, set of skills, choosing which unit to hire in towns. I didn't even miss having no upgrades at all - of course, I play using Equilibris mod, which turned out to fix game's most annoying glitches and balanced it greatly.

Sussugamon Der Ratgeber
February 03, 2015 14:18:00

But I personally find H6 the worst thing ever happened in history of MM universe. Almost all new things they implement, they did poorly or in a way that the game became easy or annoying, 'dumbed down' completely, as if trying to conquer clientele made of small children. What could have been great was despicable. And what was good was taken away. I know you liked Sanctuary, but it suffered the impact of overall bad H6 design, unfortunately.

I do hope they don't mess up with H7.

February 03, 2015 15:46:53

Well, heroes 6 is not one of the best but there cant be everything just wrong, some ideas were different but that doesnt mean they are worse. Many mistakes have been done in this game but it could have its fan base, and people who like it if there was "everything wrong". You just dont like it, thats the point

And please not again this idea of H3 in better graphic, many heroes games are better in some features, so take the best of them all and use it. I still play H3 but theres not evrthng ideal

Inquisitorius Der Finstere
February 03, 2015 16:40:00

I must say I didn't like HoMM 4 very much but it had some cool game mechanics, like the caravans or the item sets. I think our devs are doing well in implementing them in the new HoMM. But it all depends on balancing and the so resulting overall game atmosphere in the end. Thumps up, that they get it right :)

goldbergus1 Der Mächtige
February 04, 2015 16:51:12

i liked 4 too but the strenght between the units was..lets say huge
That bothert me quit a bit i just played it yesterday and started up the undead campaign sieged the first town and a bit later a had roughly 150 skeltons and they got treashed by a few tigers and wolfes ...it just seems so unrealistic..sure we are talking fantasy but its the exact same thing that bother me in HoMM3 swordman>griffin it jsut felt...wrong a mighty griffin should kill a soldier easy in my opinion^^

raider_manhc Der Plünderer
February 03, 2015 12:09:50

so ive been playing heroes VI but i still havent got the achievment faithful on this site?? why not UBI??

GalaadleHaut Der Held
February 03, 2015 12:15:44

Some of the achievements are added manually, don't worry they will add it.

wondertyberius Der Mysteriöse
February 04, 2015 14:34:21

Same problem here :-(

February 03, 2015 10:45:39

For me, music plays a great role in creating a magical atmosphere. In H6 there were quite a few musical references to H2 and H3, which was pretty cool, as there were some great tracks in those games. But overall, say what you want about the H4 gameplay, but IMO it had a pretty damn good soundtrack. I would even dare and say it (H4) was the best in all Heroes games. Again, I'm talking about music, not gameplay. As such, it would be pretty nice to see some musical references to H4 in H7. Cheers.

mediczero Der Schicksalshammer
February 03, 2015 11:05:36

Especially It would be nice to see soem referances to the Asylum theme...

February 03, 2015 11:12:57

Agree. Asylum was nice. Most of the H4 themes were amazing. As town themes however, those that I liked more in H3 than in H4 were the themes from Castle, Stronghold and Necro.

mediczero Der Schicksalshammer
February 03, 2015 11:46:41

I'm not sure about castle (Don't like the one in H3), But necropolis and stronghold had a way better theme in H#!

Sussugamon Der Ratgeber
February 03, 2015 18:18:50

H4 has wonderful OST. The sea theme is simply perfect. Order and Necropolis towns also had very good songs. In H3, I liked Rampart, Fortress and Stronghold town themes the more. For terrain, I was more used to those from H2, which made a comeback in H6, and from H4, which were superb - even the song of the computer's turn was kinda fine ... on the other hand, I find the computer's turn song from H5 hardly bearable - maybe because sometimes those turns would take forever to end.

Jiriki1234 Der Getreue
February 03, 2015 10:20:56

Knowing no better place to saythis: ...does anyone else think it would be a good feature to be able to jump to comments directly when clicking on them in a user profile or on the start screen or such? Every page is SO full of comments that scrolling is annoying by now!

mediczero Der Schicksalshammer
February 03, 2015 10:32:25

That would be nice...

kloklodyta1992 Der Finstere
February 03, 2015 09:25:45

uwihpenrle uios ungebcmrao utponwanysqcmrvevetn ?

Smarter of you will know for what i asked :D

February 03, 2015 07:59:28

Here's hoping Necro town screen reveal goes better than the units. Otherwise keep up the good work :)

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